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Michèle Auclair

  • Violin

Michèle Auclair (1924–2005) taught at NEC from 1989 until just before her death. Considered one of the most important violinists on the international scene following WWII, Boston audiences heard her with the BSO in 1959. In the mid-’60s, an automobile accident ended her performing career, but she became one of the Paris Conservatory’s top teachers until reaching their mandatory retirement age. She then joined the NEC faculty in 1989, working with some of NEC’s top students, including Artist Diploma graduates Carolin Widmann '99 A.D., Stefan Jackiw '04 Prep., '06 A.D., and Irina Muresanu '98 A.D.

A memorial concert was held at NEC on October 12, 2006, and a recording is available for listeners at NEC's Firestone Library.


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