Ensembles: NEC Chamber Singers, NEC Concert Choir, Men of NEC Concert Choir, Women of NEC Concert Choir, Men of NEC Chamber Singers, Women of NEC Chamber Singers

Conductors: Jonathan Richter, Rong Zhong, Leora Nauta, Holly Druckman, Ethan Lobenstine, Stephanie Beatrice, Erica Washburn

Artists: Diego Sepulveda (Guitar), Elise Kolle (Harp), Pepita Salim (Soprano), Sangyoung Kim (Piano)

Both of NEC's Choruses, the Chamber Singers and Concert Choir, come together for their last concert of the season. Performances are not only conducted by faculty members Erica J. Washburn and Jonathan Richter, but also by choral conducting graduate students.

Tonight's program is a musical celebration of choral works spanning over many generations, as well as the celebration of the writing voices of NEC's composition students.


Schubert: Geist der Liebe
Diego Sepulveda (Guitar)

Gregorio: Love, thricewise
Liquor and lacquer
An amethyst remembrance

Schumann: Romanzen für Frauenstimmen, Op. 69
Die Capelle

Tormis: Meestelaulud
Meeste laul (Men’s Song)
Ehalkäimise-laul (Bundling Song)
Meremehe-laul (Sailor’s Song)
Teomehe-laul (Serf’s Song)
Lorilaul (Bawdy Song)

Holst: Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda, Set III, Op. 26/H 99
To the Dawn
To the Waters
To Vena
Hymn of the Travellers
Elise Kolle (Harp)

Haig: I Hear
Pepita Salim (Soprano)

Panh: Remember Me
Sangyoung Kim (Piano)

Date: April 24, 2017 - 7:30PM

Price: Free

Location: NEC's Jordan Hall

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