NEC's Intercultural Institute presents today's panel discussion with musician F‬radreck‪ M‬ujuru‪ and Erica Azim on making traditional music and instruments.

‪Born to the largest extended family of mbira players in Zimbabwe, Mujuru has played mbira since the age of 8, and is now known internationally as an outstanding performer, teacher, and instrument maker, while continuing to play in ceremonies for the ancestors at home. Azim is America's leading proponent of the Shona mbira tradition. She has toured with various Shona mbira masters and taught thousands of Americans to play mbira, and to support the tradition in Zimbabwe.‬

Join us Monday, September 8 for a performance with the artists - Mbira: Music of the spirits of Zimbabwe.

Date: September 9, 2014 - 4:30:PM
Price: Free
Location: Pierce Hall

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