Ensembles: Firebird Ensemble, Lydian String Quartet, Callithumpian Consort

Conductors: Jeffrey Means, Stephen Drury

Artists: Stephen Drury (Piano), Gabriela Diaz (Violin), Sarah Brady (Flute), Gary Gorczyca (Clarinet), Sarah Bob (Piano), Kate Vincent (Viola), David Russell (Cello), Aaron Trant (Percussion), Judith Gordon (Piano), Thea Lobo (Mezzo Soprano), Alexis Lanz (Clarinet), John Diodati (Bass Clarinet), Franziska Huhn (Harp), Yukiko Takagi (Piano), Ashleigh Gordon (Viola), Jeffrey Means (Percussion), Yoko Hagino (Piano), Jessi Rosinski (Alto Flute, Flute)

Composer Lee Hyla taught at New England Conservatory from 1992 through 2007, and was cochair or chair of the composition department for most of that time. This memorial concert brings together performers of Hyla's music who had the opportunity to work with him during his time here.

String Quartet no 3 - commissioned by Chamber Music America, premiered by tonight's performers, the Lydian String Quartet, at Sacramento New Music Festival in 1989

Ciao Manhattan - commissioned by the Meet the Composer/Reader's Digest Consortium Commissioning Program for Earplay, Omni Ensemble, and Dinosaur Annex, who premiered it in Boston in 1991

Basic Training - commissioned by the Friends of Margaret Ott and tonight's performer, who premiered it in Spokane, Wash., in 1995

Third Party - premiered by tonight's performer as part of a Celebrity Series concert at Jordan Hall in 1998

Field Guide - commissioned by the St. Botolph Club and Firebird Ensemble, who premiered it in Jordan Hall in 2006

Passeggiata - completed in 2007 on commission from the Midori/Repin Commissioning Fund and Meet the Composer

Warble - commissioned by the wind section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the occasion of Fenwick Smith's retirement from the orchestra, and premiered by Smith in Jordan Hall in 2008

My Life on the Plains - Sarah Bob performs piano solo cadenzas from this work for chamber ensemble, which was commissioned by the Jebediah Foundation New Music Commissions and premiered by Firebird Ensemble at Pickman Hall in Cambridge in 2010

Migración - premiered by tonight's performers, the Callithumpian Consort, at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum earlier this year

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Hyla: Basic Training
Stephen Drury (Piano)

Hyla: Passeggiata for solo violin
Gabriela Diaz (Violin)

Hyla: Field Guide
Sarah Brady (Flute), Gary Gorczyca (Clarinet), Sarah Bob (Piano), Gabriela Diaz (Violin), Kate Vincent (Viola), David Russell (Cello), Aaron Trant (Percussion)

Hyla: Third Party
Judith Gordon (Piano)

Hyla: Migración
Thea Lobo (Mezzo Soprano), Sarah Brady (Flute), Alexis Lanz (Clarinet), John Diodati (Bass Clarinet), Franziska Huhn (Harp), Yukiko Takagi (Piano), Gabriela Diaz (Violin), Ashleigh Gordon (Viola), David Russell (Cello), Jeffrey Means (Percussion)

Hyla: Warble
Sarah Brady (Flute), Yoko Hagino (Piano)

Hyla: My Life on the Plains
solo cadenzas
Sarah Bob (Piano)

Hyla: Ciao Manhattan
Jessi Rosinski (Alto Flute)Alto Flute, Flute), Stephen Drury (Piano), Gabriela Diaz (Violin), David Russell (Cello)

Date: September 25, 2014 - 8:00PM

Price: Free

Location: NEC's Jordan Hall

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