You have successfully submitted your Intent to Enroll form, and so become the next member of the NEC Community! There are a few more steps you will need to take, however, so please familiarize yourself with the information and deadlines below. 

Deadlines to Watch For

  • May 15: International students must submit Certification of Finances form and Bank Statements
  • May 15: Housing Form and $525 housing deposit due for all undergraduates and any graduates wishing to live on campus
  • June 30: Student Health Report due
  • July 10: Final transcripts due
  • August 26: NEC Residence Hall opens
  • August 27: New student orientation begins

Studio Assignments

Placements in faculty studios are determined in close consultation with department chairs and individual faculty members. Many factors are taken into consideration, including audition results, the number of openings in any given studio, etc. Studio placements for many departments are sent shortly after admissions decisions. If you would like more information, please contact your Admissions counselor.

Next Steps for Enrolling Students

All students who plan to enroll at NEC must submit the $500 enrollment deposit. In order to avoid additional fees, we strongly suggest paying the enrollment and/or housing deposit via personal check or money order. Please contact us at for information about the accepted forms of payment, including wire transfer information. Please make sure all checks include the name of the depositing student in the memo line. The enrollment and housing deposit may be paid with one check for both amounts. Deposits should be sent to:
New England Conservatory
Admissions Office
290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

For additional information about financing your education, we encourage you to read the forms and guides available in NetPartner, the NEC Online Financial Aid System, as well as the Tuition and Financial Aid portion of this website.

Health Center Information
Student Health Report
Meningococcal Disease information
All enrolling students must review all three documents and submit health reports by the deadline listed above. There is a late fee of $150 US for any health reports submitted after the deadline. Graduating students returning for a new degree must check with Health Services before the end of the semester to learn what information is required for their re-entry to avoid a late fee and/or registration block. Dual Degree students should submit the immunization documents required by Harvard or Tufts for their NEC record. All students are required to have health insurance that meets specific standards set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. NEC offers a student insurance policy, and, in accordance with state law, all students are automatically enrolled in the plan but may waive participation if they can demonstrate that they have a U.S.-based insurance plan that meets the state requirements. Students will receive information about the school’s insurance plan when they receive their tuition bill.

Student Benefits Information
Information about some of the benefits available to students attending NEC.

International Students

Certification of Finances Form
Any student who is not a citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States and who requires an F-1 student visa must complete this form and submit with the appropriate documentation of funds. Please contact your admissions counselor for the current form.

Further Information for Enrolling Students

New Student Orientation
Orientation begins on August 27 and is required for all new students regardless of their level or course of study. Incoming students must take placement exams and ensemble auditions and attend information sessions. Specific information about orientation will be sent by the Office of Student Services.

On-Campus Housing
Undergraduate students under the age of 21, including transfer students, are required to live in the Residence Hall during their first and second years at NEC if space is available, unless granted an exemption by the Assistant Dean of Campus Life (see the Student Housing Application for exemption information). All other students have the option of applying for housing in the Residence Hall. There are no accommodations for married students. Please review the housing application carefully and respond with the appropriate documentation. Enrolling applicants who are required to live in the Residence Hall must return all housing forms by May 15, along with the $525 housing deposit, to the admissions office. Entering students who are required to live in the Residence Hall but do not return the housing forms will be assigned randomly to an available room and billed accordingly without consideration for their rooming preferences. Please contact the Assistant Dean at 617-585-1792 or with any questions regarding housing policies.

Off-Campus Housing
Resources for finding housing in the Boston area can be found at Off-Campus Housing.

The tuition bill for the fall semester is mailed in June and due in early August.

If you would prefer to pay in monthly installments rather than in lump sums for each semester, a monthly payment plan is available through Tuition Management Systems (TMS), a division of KeyBank. For questions about the monthly payment plan, please call TMS at 888-463-6994. For all other questions regarding billing, please contact the NEC Business Office at 617-585-1120.

The following is a summary of tuition and fees for academic year 2017-18.

Tuition (Full-time. Includes private weekly lessons)
$46,100 Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, DMA, UD
$42,500 Graduate Diploma

Room and Board
$15,700 for a double occupancy room and meal plan
$19,800 for a single occupancy room (limited availability) and meal plan
$22,500 for a suite occupancy room (limited availability) and meal plan

Annual fees required of all students
$830 Comprehensive Fee
$540 NEC Health Center fee

Health insurance
Estimate of NEC’s health insurance fee (for an individual plan) is $1,500 for the year. Students who will remain on a parent's insurance plan can complete a waiver of this coverage.

Enrolling students must submit a final, official transcript documenting the degree/diploma earned and date of graduation. Students who receive a transcript that does not include the degree/diploma earned and date of graduation must submit both a transcript and graduation certificate. Students who attended school outside of the United States must check with their admissions counselor to see if their transcripts must be evaluated by an outside transcript certification service. If we already have this final transcript on file, you do not need to submit a new copy. Transfer students must submit final transcripts that include grades for the last semester attended. Incoming homeschooled students must submit final records indicating that they completed high school equivalent studies in accordance with the homeschool laws of their state of residence. Students who have not submitted a final transcript will not be allowed to enroll and may place any awarded financial aid monies in jeopardy.

All incoming orchestral students will need to perform an audition for the orchestra conductors at orientation. Please stay tuned to for details.