Worker’s Compensation
Worker's Compensation is a type of disability insurance that covers you for injuries you may incur while on the job or while performing a job-related function required by the Conservatory.
If you are in an accident while at work, even though no injury may occur, you must report the accident to your supervisor immediately. An Accident Report and Treatment Form must be completed, signed by your supervisor, and submitted to the Human Resources Office within 24 hours of the accident.
Should you be injured during the accident and need to seek medical assistance, you will be referred to a local occupational medicine program. Should your injury result in time off from work, you may be eligible to receive Worker's Compensation. An employee unable to work for five consecutive calendar days or more receives (in lieu of lost wages) compensation in accordance with rates set by law, plus an allowance for dependents. This payment is non-taxable. If the loss of time is fewer than six days, the employee may use accumulated sick leave days. If you have accumulated sick leave, you may submit a written request to the Human Resources Office to use your sick leave to offset the difference between your Worker's Compensation and your normal pay. You are responsible for the payment of premiums for Conservatory benefits while out on Workers' Compensation leave.