Winter Break closing is dependent upon the approval of the President and department heads. Most NEC offices close for Winter Break at year-end. Some departments, however, remain open and schedule employees to cover essential operations and other activities. When this occurs, employees who are required to work will be provided another day off with pay, to be arranged and approved by the department head. The Winter Break is in accordance with the following schedule, depending on the day of the week on which Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall.  Holiday dates are posted on the ADP portal website.
Alternative Winter Break closing schedules may be announced from time to time. The Winter Break includes two (2) paid holidays plus additional gift days with pay, as recognition by NEC for the dedicated work performed by employees throughout the year. New employees are eligible for pay for these days if they were hired by December 1st.   Employees hired after December 1st will receive pay for only Holidays during winter break. “Gift days” will be unpaid.

Employees who terminate their employment prior to or during winter break are not eligible for holiday and “gift day” pay.  Employees must work after the break during the month of January to be paid for the December/January winter break.

Personal or vacation time that is taken by storm/emergency personnel during an emergency closing will NOT be considered “time worked” for overtime calculations. See Emergency Closing policy, for additional information.

All work beyond the normal work schedule must be approved in advance by the department head and reported in the on-line Time & Attendance time card for approval by the manager.