Your eligibility for vacation and the amount of vacation you are eligible to earn depends on your employment status (see Section I. for definitions) and the number of hours you work. Employees begin to accrue vacation from their date of hire. Only benefit eligible employees are entitled to earn paid vacation.

Personal Days:
Full-time staff members are awarded 14 hours of personal time per fiscal year. Part-time staff that are scheduled to work more than 1,000 hours per year are eligible for pro-rated personal hours. These personal hours must be used within the fiscal year awarded or they will be forfeited. For new employees, personal hours are pro-rated as follows:
14 hours (2 days) if new employee begins employment between July 1 and December 31.
7 hours (1 day) hours if new employee begins employment between January 1 and June 30.

Vacation Time:
Full-time regular staff and part-time regular staff who are scheduled to work more than 1,000 hours per year are eligible for vacation time. Part-time regular staff that are scheduled to work more than 1,000 hours per year are eligible for pro-rated vacation time. Faculty members do not accrue vacation time.
Eligible staff members begin accruing vacation time at the rate of 5.83 hours per month for the first year of employment (10 vacation days for the year.) Accrual begins on the 15th of the month following the date of hire.
After a staff member’s first year anniversary, accrual will change to 11.67 hours per month (20 vacation days for the year.)
Accrual for earned vacation hours occur on the 15th of that month. Vacation time accrual is capped at 140 hours (20 days.) Or if on a 40 hour work week schedule 160 hours (20 days)

Upon an employee’s termination, unused accrued vacation time will be paid to that employee.

Student interns, cooperative education students, and temporary employees are not eligible to paid time off benefits.
Scheduling Time Off
All time is scheduled via the ADP Self Service Portal, under the Time Off tab. All requests for vacation are submitted for any time you have accrued. Please check with your supervisor about using scheduled Vacation days, so that your work responsibilities are met. When scheduling time off, it is your responsibility to give your supervisor at least 48 hours’ advance notice.

Unlimited Vacation Policy for the following positions at NEC:
Unlimited Vacation or Time off with pay is available to the employees in the positions listed below to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits.  As a full-time employee, you are eligible to take vacation with preapproval from the President or one of the Direct Reports of your department.  A limit of 3 weeks of paid time off will be allowed at any one time unless preapproved by the President.  Vacation days will be recorded as such indicating you are out of the office but there will be no accrued time earned.  In the case of an extended illness where an employee becomes eligible for short term disability, NEC will grant a limit of 15 vacation days to be applied to the elimination period.

Sr. VP Finance and Administration
Sr. VP of IA
VP of Marketing and Communications
Executive Director and Dean of Prep/CE
Provost of Conservatory
Chief of Staff
Public Relations Manager
Director of IT
Executive Director of Engineering, Facilities and Construction
Director of Human Resources
IA Administrative Director
Sr. Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Director of Advanced Support Services
Executive Director of Development
Director of Libraries
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Dean of Students
Director of EM
Assistant Dean for Administration and Academic Affairs
Dean of Performance Studies
Director of Preparatory School
Director of Continuing Education
Program Director, Sistema Fellows
Director of Communications