Because employment at NEC is "at-will," either an employee or the Conservatory can terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason or no reason at all, with or without notice.
The primary categories the Conservatory uses for terminating employees are voluntary and involuntary with all reasons for termination falling under one of these primary categories.

A. Voluntary
A letter of resignation to an employee’s supervisor is appropriate for voluntary termination. It would be helpful to receive as much advance notice as possible. It is customary for exempt staff to give at least one month's notice and non-exempt staff to give two weeks' notice.

B. Involuntary
Involuntary termination occurs if the Conservatory initiates an employee's termination. This can occur without advance notice, for any or no reason. Some of the reasons for involuntary termination are: insubordination, falsification of employment records, unsatisfactory job performance, unacceptable workplace conduct, absenteeism, theft, dishonesty, mistreatment or disrespect toward other employees, visitors, or other members of the public, and/or violation of any Conservatory policies or rules. Involuntary termination could also occur as a result of reduction in staff. These examples are not exclusive.

C. Payout at Termination
Unused earned vacation will be paid out to employees following termination in his or her final paycheck. Accrued vacation time cannot be used to extend employment. Neither accrued Personal Days nor Sick Days are paid out upon termination.

Exit Interview
Employees terminating employment should schedule a benefits/employment exit interview with the Human Resources Office. An online exit survey will be sent to the employee to be completed prior to meeting with a representative in HR.
The employee should inform the HR Office at least 2 weeks in advance of the employee's last day of work.