Sick Leave

Regular full-time staff earn ten (10) days of paid sick leave per year, at a rate of .83 days per month. Regular full-time faculty earn five (5) sick days per academic year.  Effective July 1, 2015, all employees are entitled to accrue sick leave.  All part-time staff and faculty will begin to accrue one (1) hour of sick leave for every thirty (30) hours worked.  Employees will be eligible to use accrued sick leave once they have been employed by the organization for ninety (90) days. 

Employees may use sick time to care for themselves, spouse, child, parent, or parent of spouse, for physical or mental illness, injury or medical condition that requires home care, professional medical diagnosis or care, preventative medical care, or routine medical appointments, or to address psychological, physical or legal effects of domestic violence.

If the use of earned sick time is foreseeable, the employee must make a good faith effort to provide notice to the employer in advance of using the earned sick time.  The Conservatory reserves the right to require medical documentation for sick leave absences.

To be eligible to use paid sick leave, an employee should notify his/her supervisor at the beginning of the workday that will be affected, according to that department’s established call-in procedure. Extended absences of five (5) days or more require periodic status reports from the employee and physician or other caregiver. The supervisor and/or department head should notify Human Resources when an absence reaches five (5) days so that appropriate communication can occur with the employee regarding impact on his/her benefits and/or medical documentation that may be required for the employee to return to work. Unused sick leave may be carried over into the next fiscal year for full-time staff. For full time Faculty and part time employees, the accrual of sick leave will cap at forty (40) hours and employees can carry their unused balance into the next academic year. 

Absences due to a job-related injury or illness are treated under NEC’s Workers’ Compensation policy, as required by state law. These types of absences are not treated as sick leave under NEC’s policies.

If an employee does not have enough sick leave to cover an absence unrelated to his/her job, earned vacation or personal days must be used.

The Conservatory does not provide compensation for unused sick days upon termination of employment.