At NEC, security must be the concern of every NEC employee. Employees should know the rules for his/her own safety and security as well as for other employees, the public, and NEC property.  Our standard procedures, which all employees are required to follow are:

  • Identification Badges: Employees will be issued an identification badge as part of the new hire orientation. For everyone’s protection and safety, this ID badge must be visibly worn while on campus.  

    Any visitor to NEC must check in at the security desk. The Security Guard will notify the NEC employee whom the visitor is meeting. Once authorized, the visitor will be issued a visitor pass (which must be visibly worn) and will be either escorted or directed to the proper destination.  

    If an employee’s badge is lost or damaged, he/she must contact Security immediately to arrange for a replacement. ID badges are the property of NEC. Sale, transfer, or loan of a badge is strictly forbidden and can result in dismissal.  

    When an employee terminates employment at NEC he/she must turn in their ID badge to Human Resources or their Department Chair along with all keys and NEC property.

  • Security Staff:  NEC provides Security staff for the protection of its employees.  If an employee observes theft, suspicious behavior or other security problems, he/she should contact the Security Guard on duty immediately and provide a detailed description of the incident. Security staff will address the situation. In some cases, an employee may be asked for information about an incident so that it can be included in a Security report.
  • Basic Safety and Security Guidelines
  • Do not prop open doors.
  • Do not hold doors open for individuals who do not display NEC ID badges.
  • At all times, keep valuables, personal belongings, and confidential information out of sight and in a secure location. NEC cannot be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  • To prevent theft and other security problems, employees should keep their offices locked when they are not there.
  • All parcels, including personal briefcases and bags, are subject to random and periodic inspection by Security.

  • 2013-07-22