Personnel Records
An employee may review or obtain a copy of their personnel file by submitting a written request to the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office will schedule an appointment during normal business hours for the employee to review the personnel file, in the presence of a Human Resources Representative, or will provide a copy of the employee's personnel file, within five (5) business days of receipt of the employee's request.
The Conservatory will give notice to an employee within 10 days of the employer placing information that has been used or may be used to negatively affect the employee’s qualification for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation or the possibility that the employee will be subject to disciplinary action.

Keeping Your Records Up-To-Date:

  • All name changes must be accompanied by an official state or court document.
  • An employee may update address, telephone, or emergency contact information directly through ADP Self Service.

ADP Self Service is a Web site that provides employees with:

  • Direct access to their personal and employer information
  • Unlimited access: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If an employee wishes to change the number of dependents listed for income tax purposes, a new W-4 form must be completed and filed with the Payroll Office.