Personal Leave
The granting of an unpaid leave of absence for reasons not expressly stated elsewhere in this handbook is at the sole discretion of the Conservatory. The employee must have completed one year of continuous service in order to request such a leave. The Conservatory cannot guarantee that an employee who goes on unpaid leave will be returned to his/her former position or its equivalent. Failure to return when leave expires will be considered automatic voluntary resignation from employment.
Requests for unpaid personal leave must be submitted in writing to your supervisor. The length of the leave and reason must be stated. Any leave granted will be limited to an initial leave not to exceed three months. An employee may then request an extension of the leave by submitting to the Senior Staff division head and the Director of Human Resources another written request for an extension stating the length of and the reason for the extended leave request. Once you receive initial approval, a Request for Leave of Absence form must be completed. Have the form signed by your supervisor and submit it to the Human Resources Office. This form must be completed for all personal leaves except funeral leave and jury duty.
All accrued vacation time must be used prior to the start of an unpaid personal leave of absence.
While on unpaid personal leave you are responsible for the full premium (both the employee and the Conservatory portion) payment for benefits you were enrolled in as of the initial date of that unpaid leave.
You will not accrue paid sick leave or paid vacation while on unpaid personal leave.