Conservatory Investigators of Complaints of Sexual Harassment and Unlauful Employment Discrimination

The Conservatory has designated Marianne Wisheart, Director of Human Resources, as the Conservatory’s Title IX Coordinator. Additionally, the following investigators are designated as those persons who are charged with coordinating the Conservatory’s implementation of this policy, and investigating complaints of sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination for the Conservatory.  They may be contacted to initiate an investigation under the policy or to answer questions regarding this policy. The Conservatory also reserves the right to retain an outside investigator to investigate complaints regarding violations of this policy.

Marianne Wisheart, 617-585-1229
Room 203, St. Botolph Building
Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator

Tom Novak, 617-585-1308
Room 121, Jordan Hall
Provost and Dean of the College

Tom Handel, 617-585-2309
Student Services, Room 244, St. Botolph Building
Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator

Suzanne Hegland, 617-585-1313
Student Services, Room 244, St. Botolph Building
Assistant Dean of Students

State and Federal Agencies

In addition to the above, employees who believe that they may have been subjected to sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination, may file a formal complaint with either or both of the government agencies set forth below. Using the Conservatory’s complaint process does not prohibit an employee from filing a complaint with these agencies.

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”)
John F. Kennedy Federal Building
475 Government Center Boston, MA 02203
(617) 565 3200 or (800) 669-4000

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (“MCAD”)
Boston Office:                                        Springfield Office:
One Ashburton Place                             424 Dwight Street
Boston, MA 02108                                 Springfield, MA 01103
(617) 727-3990                                      (413) 739-2145

Worcester Office:
455 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01690
(508) 799-8010