Hours of Work
A. Normal Work Hours

  • The standard workweek for most NEC offices is Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm.
  • The standard workweek for the Department of Preparatory and Continuing Education offices is Tuesday through Saturday.
  • Some offices may vary from the standard schedule depending on workloads, seasonal needs, or the need for flexibility.
  • Breaks may not be taken at the beginning or end of the workday.
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates a 30-minute unpaid break after six hours of work.
  • Management/Professional/Support: The standard work hours for Management, Professional, and Support employees consists of five 7-hour days, or 35 hours.  Breaks are scheduled with the approval of supervisors and may depend on workloads, staffing levels, or other needs.
  • Service: The standard work hours for Service employees consists of five 8-hour shifts, or 40 hours. This schedule includes a paid half-hour meal break and appropriately scheduled rest breaks.

    B. Summer Work Hours
  • The practice of flexible summer work schedules is reviewed annually. If approved, the flexible summer work week for eligible full-time employees is half day Fridays. Staff members participating in the flexible summer schedule who are required to work a full day on Friday may choose another half day off with the approval of their supervisor. Some staff members may prefer to continue to work their usual schedule; such preferences will be respected. The Human Resources Office will publish the dates of summer hours, usually in May of each year.
  • Because of summer program obligations, and the particular needs of some offices, not all departments will be able to take part in the flexible schedule.

    C. Overtime
  • Non-exempt employees are paid for any hours worked beyond a normal workweek schedule up to 40 hours at the normal hourly rate. If an employee works beyond 40 hours, the employee will be paid at time and one-half their regular hourly rate of pay.
  • Overtime work must have the prior approval of your supervisor.
  • If an employee is required to work on one of the Conservatory's scheduled holidays and because of departmental needs they are not given a different day off within the same workweek, you will be paid straight time for hours worked on the holiday in addition to their normal holiday pay.
  • Support and Service employees are not eligible for compensatory time off.

Reporting of Absence/Tardiness
Employees are expected to be present and on time at the start of their scheduled work period. If an employee is unable to report to work, or is going to be late for any reason, they must inform their supervisor of this fact no later than the start of the work day and advise their supervisor of the duration of their absence. Unauthorized or excessive absences or lateness may lead to appropriate corrective action, including dismissal.
An employee who fails to report to work as scheduled for three days without providing proper notice to his or her supervisor may be considered to have voluntarily terminated his or her employment.
If an employee has been absent for more than five consecutive days due to illness, accident, or surgery, or at other times at their discretion the Conservatory reserves the right to require the employee to submit a doctor's statement or other medical evidence indicating the employee’s degree of fitness and ability to resume the full duties of their job. (FMLA policy)