Federal and state laws prohibit the non-medical use, possession, or sale of drugs. It is also illegal to try to persuade others to use, possess, or sell drugs. In addition, under Massachusetts state law it is illegal to knowingly be in the presence of another person or persons illegally possessing drugs, or in a place where drugs are illegally kept or deposited. Violation of these laws by first-time offenders in Massachusetts may result in penalties ranging from fines or suspended sentences and paroles to three (3) to ten (10) years’ imprisonment. NEC cannot protect its employees from arrest or prosecution resulting from illegal drug use. Moreover, NEC will cooperate with law enforcement authorities in any situation regarding an employee’s illegal use, possession, or sale of drugs.

The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 requires all NEC employees who are engaged in the performance of Federal grants and contracts to abide by the terms of NEC’s Drug Policy, and to notify NEC of any criminal drug conviction resulting from a violation in the workplace no later than five (5) days after such a conviction. Furthermore, NEC is required to let the appropriate federal agency know of such a conviction within ten (10) days after receiving notification of it. NEC is also obliged to: 1) take appropriate action against a convicted employee; and/or 2) require a convicted employee to participate in an approved drug abuse rehabilitation program.

NEC recognizes the dangers of drug use, and encourages any employee who may have a drug problem to seek help from counselors and/or medical professionals. Human Resources can provide referral information regarding counseling, medical, and/or rehabilitation services.

The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21. NEC is committed to observing all Massachusetts state laws, including those that govern the sale, purchase, and serving of alcoholic beverages. These laws cover the purchase of alcohol by and for persons who are under the legal drinking age; the serving of alcohol to persons who are either under the legal drinking age or intoxicated; and the serving of alcohol to persons who operate motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol. These laws cover all NEC activities that take place on or off-campus.

NEC recognizes that it cannot guarantee that everyone will enforce its policy or Massachusetts state law. NEC relies, however, upon the good judgment of its employees in observing these policies and laws. Individuals who violate state law and/or NEC policy must be prepared to accept responsibility for their actions. Violation of these policies and/or laws may lead to disciplinary and/or legal action.<

Alcohol Policy—Events

Individuals sponsoring an event are legally responsible for ensuring that all city, state, federal, and NEC regulations regarding the use of alcohol are observed.

Alcohol may be served at NEC-sponsored events/functions where the majority of attendees are expected to be over the age of 21 within the following guidelines:

Groups intending to serve alcohol at any NEC-sponsored event, either on- or off-campus, must obtain prior approval from the President or his designee, or the Dean of Students, depending upon the type of event.

  • A professional bartender must be hired to serve all alcoholic beverages at an NEC-sponsored event. Individuals may be required to show proper identification before being served.
  • Sponsors of the event must accept responsibility for identifying all persons who are not of legal drinking age, and must ensure that these individuals are not served.
  • There must be food and non-alcoholic beverages readily available.
  • Alcohol must not be served to any person who is intoxicated.
  • Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed within the area designated for the event.

All NEC employees are expected to uphold both Massachusetts state law and NEC policies. Violations should be reported immediately to the President or his designee, or to the Dean of Students. Appropriate administrative action will be taken in cases of violation of these policies.