The Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department connects students and alumni with a range of one-time gigs and ongoing professional opportunities through Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection and the Music Referral Service


A service of New England Conservatory's Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department, Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection provides online access to 3,000 opportunities in music and arts administration. Our subscribers are taking their careers to the next level by connecting with the auditions, teaching jobs, administrative positions, competitions, grants, scholarships, and festivals they find posted here fresh each day. Bridge subscriptions are free for the NEC community: students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Click here to log-in or register.

Music Referral Service

New England Conservatory’s Music Referral Service (aka the “Gig Office”), formerly a standalone office, is now a program of the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department. The Music Referral Service is available for use by current NEC students as well as alumni for the first three years after they graduate. To register for MRS, NEC students must attend one of the following Gig Workshops:

  • Tuesday, January 17 from 12-1pm @ SB G16
  • Wednesday, January 18 from 5-6pm @ SB 300
  • Thursday, January 19 from 5-6pm @ SB 318
  • Friday, January 20 from 12-1pm @ SB 315

All students currently registered for the service will be required to re-register as their membership expires on January 17. 

For more information or questions, email, call 617-585-1170, or visit us in the EM office.