Internship Opportunities

Internships place students in environments where they learn how to take responsibility for all aspects of a musical endeavor--performance, teaching, administrative work, and marketing, among others--because music careers today demand all of these skills. Whatever you want to pursue, this is where you practice making it happen. Our internships come in a few different shapes and sizes:


  1. Entrepreneurial Internships include opportunities for professional rehearsal and performance in addition to administrative support work in the areas of marketing, production and fundraising.
  2. Arts Administration Internships provide a window into the world of arts management through project-based work with arts organizations such as symphony orchestras, opera companies, presenters and clubs, among others.

Individualized is our motto--the EM staff will work with you to identify a host organization and craft a `job description' that reflects your unique interests and goals. Internships are available for 1 credit or zero credits through ENTP 440 for undergraduate students and ENT 540 for graduate students. Below are a few examples of internships that NEC students have completed:

  • Boston Ballet - Building experience as a piano accompanist for the Boston Ballet school
  • Club Oberon - Helping with marketing and operations at the cutting edge second stage of the American Repertory Theatre
  • Scullers - Assisting with concert production and artist management at a thriving jazz venue, building to a show at the club for their own ensemble

The first step is to reach out.  Drop by the EM Office in SB226 or email Eva Heinstein, Assistant Director of Entrepreneurial Musicianship.

Fellowship Opportunities

EM's Marketing Fellowship

This year, EM launched a special marketing fellowship that engages students in both performance and creative marketing to build audiences for and awareness about the rich musical life at NEC. For the 2012-2013 academic year, we piloted this new program with NEC’s Chamber Orchestra, selecting one student from the ensemble to build a social media presence, organize projects and create ongoing content to provide a rich picture of the Chamber Orchestra’s inner-workings.

Next year, we look forward to expanding the offering to other ensembles and departments. If you are interested in getting involved, simply email for more information. 

EM's A Far Cry String Fellowship

A Far Cry stands at the forefront of an exciting new generation in classical music. According to the New York Times, the self-conducted orchestra “brims with personality or, better, personalities, many and varied.” As an AFC fellow, you will take part in rehearsals and performance of Schubert's Symphony no. 5 in B-flat major, to be presented in Jordan Hall on May 24, 2013. In addition to performance experience, you will have the opportunity to attend meetings, work directly with A Far Cry's Administrative Director, and support one or more of the organization's musician-run committees. Through this fellowship you will build professional performance experience, develop skills in marketing, fundraising, educational outreach and operations, and forge new connections that will help push your career forward. 

To apply, email Eva Heinstein at to set up an appointment and get the process underway.

EM's Quartetutopia Fellowship

Quartetutopia is a year-long fellowship, under the guidance of faculty member Nick Kitchen, that exposes students to a wide-range of available pathways for a establishing a vibrant professional string quartet. Fellows will benefit from an experiential curriculum—delivered by NEC performance faculty and staff—that will guide them through the process of formulating a brand identity, mission, and pilot program. Seed funding will be available for the execution of the pilot program and fellows will additionally gain exposure to grant-writing and project management skills. The fellowship will be piloted in the 2013-14 academic year and the application process will open in October.