Crafting Your EM Grant Application


The EM Grant Application form is an online form that can be found here. Please see the EM grant information overview to be sure you are eligible to receive a grant from the EM Department. The online application consists of a series of questions to be answered with 300 – 500 word statements. Your submission should be original, concise, and speak to each detail of your project.

Your answers to the following questions should give the committee a full understanding of what you plan to accomplish. 

  1. Describe the project you wish to undertake, focusing on the related activities, events, and/or products.
  2. Who are your partners and/or collaborators and how will they be involved?
  3. What makes your project entrepreneurial?

The marketing and documentation of your project weighs heavily on the committee’s decision. Make sure you understand the environment in which you are producing your project. Analyze your anticipated audience, and define the ways in which you plan to publicize your project to attract this specific audience. The definition of an audience ranges from the patrons at a concert, to students for an educational endeavor, or customers for a product.  

  1. Please share an analysis of the market and/or community you are entering, and how your project will provide value to this market.
  2. Who is your target audience? Who will be engaged by this project?
  3. How will you publicize your project?

In this section, articulate the broad goals for your project and the concrete impact you anticipate as a result of the activities associated with your project. The three goals should be short – one to two sentences. Project Impact - What benefits and/or growth will your audience experience as a result of being involved with your project. How is your project adding value to their lives?

Outline your process by noting the tasks that will be done each day/week leading up to your project. This can include anything from booking a venue, creating a rehearsal schedule, planning a social media campaign, meeting with collaborators, etc…

Use the budget template from the EM office to indicate your avenues of income and expense. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate other potential sources of income, such as ticket sales, program fees, donations, other grants, or your own financial contribution, etc.  Note: You are able to pay your collaborators a stipend, however, are not allowed to write in a fee for your own work. 

Questions? Email Andrew Worden at or call at 617-585-1112.