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The EM Expo
March 20-22, 2018

The EM Expo

Over the course of four sessions, the EM Expo is a chance to work alongside and learn from four of today's leading artists. On March 20-22, this year’s guests will share insights into their continuing artistry and career development, and lessons they've learned along the way.

The EM Expo is free and open to the public, and this year features artists from the Celebrity Series' Stave Sessions.

01. House of Waters
02. Jazzmeia Horn
03. Ensemble Mik Nawooj
04. Claire Chase

Session One | House of Waters | 3/20 1-3pm

Session Two | Jazzmeia Horn | 3/21 10am-12pm

Session Three | Ensemble Mik Nawooj | 3/22 10am-12pm

Session Four | Claire Chase | 3/22 5-7pm