2013–2014 season

Concert dates are in, program information will become available over the course of the concert season. For updates on NEC's early music concerts, bookmark this page, signup for NEC e-mail news, follow us at twitter.com/NEC_concerts, or become a fan of facebook.com/necmusic.

Upcoming performances


Past Performances

2013-09-07 Mozart: Symphony No. 38 "Prague"
2013-09-10 The Shona Mbira
2013-09-16 Bach + Handel
2013-10-02 La Clemenza di Tito
2013-10-07 Mozart: Quintet in G minor
2013-10-09 Haydn: Symphony No. 102
2013-10-14 Mozart + Haydn
2013-10-16 Haydn: Symphony No.52 in C minor
2013-10-22 Mozart: Gran Partita
2013-10-30 Koto Music
2013-11-03 Bach + Mozart
2013-11-06 Mozart: Piano Concerto in C-Major, No. 25
2013-11-12 Vivaldi: Concerto for Four Trumpets
2013-11-14 Bach: fugue from Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Major
2013-11-15 Frescobaldi, Cesare, Joseph I
2013-11-21 Mozart: String Quintet in D Major
2013-11-22 Scenes from Mozart's The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni
2013-11-23 Scenes from Mozart's The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni
2013-11-24 Bach + Mozart
2013-12-02 Haydn Trio
2013-12-02 Haydn: String Quartet in F Major
2013-12-03 Mozart: Piano Quartet in E-flat Major
2013-12-05 Mozart: Quintet for Piano and Winds in E-flat Major
2013-12-05 Mozart: Sonata in D Major for Piano Duo
2013-12-08 Renaissance Chamber Music
2013-12-08 Handel arias
2013-12-09 Handel arias
2013-12-10 Haydn: Symphony No. 92 in G Major
2013-12-12 Haydn: Symphony No. 85 "la Reine"
2013-12-12 NEC Bach Ensemble
2013-12-13 Ceremony of Carols
2013-12-15 Scarlatti Piano Sonatas
2013-12-17 Mozart: Missa Brevis
2013-12-21 Mozart: Overture to La Clemenza di Tito
2014-01-18 Haydn: Piano Trio No. 39 "Gypsy"
2014-02-02 NEC Prep Baroque Ensembles
2014-02-02 Mozart:Divertimento in E-flat Major
2014-02-08 Monteverdi: L'Incoronazione di Poppea
2014-02-09 Monteverdi: L'Incoronazione di Poppea
2014-02-10 Monteverdi: L'Incoronazione di Poppea
2014-02-11 Monteverdi: L'Incoronazione di Poppea
2014-02-11 Mozart: Piano Sonata in A Minor
2014-02-26 Handel + Mozart
2014-03-02 Mozart: Quartet for Flute and Strings, in C major
2014-03-13 Chorales of Martin Luther
2014-03-21 Bach music for cello
2014-03-22 Haydn: Sonata in E Major
2014-03-25 Mozart: String Quintet in D Major
2014-03-26 Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro
2014-03-27 Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro
2014-03-30 Mozart: Overture to The Magic Flute
2014-04-13 NEC Bach Ensemble
2014-04-16 Mozart: Serenade No. 6 in D Major
2014-04-21 Bach + Vivaldi
2014-04-23 The Dido Experience
2014-04-24 Mozart + Haydn
2014-04-24 Haydn: String Quartet No. 20 Op. 4
2014-04-30 Vivaldi: Chaconne for violin and piano
2014-04-30 Mozart: String Quartet No. 16
2014-04-30 Mozart: Piano Quartet in G Minor
2014-05-01 Mozart: Symphony No. 35
2014-05-31 NEC Prep Spring Festival
2014-06-01 Prep Baroque Ensembles