As conservatory study requires intense focus in a specific applied area, NEC allows double majors on a limited basis. While applicants may apply to more than one major by submitting a separate application and fee for each major of interest, students may enroll in only one major in their first year of study. Currently matriculated students may apply to begin a second course of study as outlined below.

Bachelor of Music Double Major

Bachelor's Degree candidates who wish to apply for a double major combining performance with Music History or Music Theory may do so at the end of their second year. Those wishing to combine two performance areas (or a performance area and composition) may apply to do so at the end of their first year. The double major requires approval of both department chairs, the academic advisor, and the Dean of the College. Students who receive permission to pursue the double major must be in residence for five full-time years; they will be charged additional tuition for such programs (see Tuition and Fees). However, if a student is able to complete the requirements of both degrees in four full-time years, and has a GPA of at least 3.70 at the end of the junior year, he or she may request a waiver of the five-year requirement. A waiver of the five-year residency requirement requires approval of the Dean of Students, the chairs of both majors, and the Dean of the College.

Second Master of Music Degree

Graduate students who have completed a first Master's may earn a second Master of Music degree. At the end of their first year, students interested in pursuing this second Master's should consult with their Academic Advisor, then submit a proposed curriculum for approval by the department chair, Dean of Students, and Dean of the College. Pursuing a second Master's degree involves a formal approval process. Current students should see their Academic Advisor for details. The program requires at least two additional full-time semesters; students will be charged additional tuition for their second studio (see Tuition and Fees). Students must take all courses for the first major and any additional courses required for the second. Students hoping to earn a second Master's degree should anticipate enrolling in four additional semesters of studio; however, they may petition for permission to meet their requirements with only two more. Such petitions will only be considered when the two fields of study are closely related. Furthermore, such petitions require the approval of the new department chair, Academic Advisor, Dean of Students, and Dean of the College. Under no circumstances may a student enroll in two studios in the same field simultaneously.