This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2013 and November 30, 2014.

Friend ($500–$999)
Todd F. Bourell and Brooke C. Bailey
Jonathan A. and Sarah C. Bracken
Janet E. Bragg
Diane Katzenberg Braun '01 and
  Peter Braun
Edgar H. and Julie Bristol
John Y. Campbell and
  Susanna Peyton
Christopher T. Carlson and
  Jane Fisher Carlson
Kenneth L. and Elizabeth A. Cave
Michael K. Chan and Kim Seung Shin
Basil ’72, ’74 and Chava E. Chapman
Diane J. Chillog ’73, ‘78
John A. Clark
Anthony G. Coleman ‘77
John and Catherine Connolly
Al, Mimi and Chris Connors
W. Robert and Carolyn L. Connor
Mark H. Cooley
Christopher Costanza ’86, ‘89 and
  Debra H. Fong ’86, ‘88
W. Read and Kate Coughlin
Robert W. ’81 and Debra W. Cross ’79
Stephen J. and Anne F. Cucchiaro
Jean E. and Sylvia de Valpine
Dudley and Michael Del Balso
Donald N. Di Salvo
David A. and Gabrielle S. Dockterman
Timothy D. and Jessica T. Donohue
Robert W. and Evelyn H. Doran
Elias C. and Jody Dow
Duane R. and Tatiana Downey
James F. and Lois C. Dwinell
Thomas and Paula Kelch Elliott
Alan P. Ett ‘78 and Sheila M. Hall
Russell and Gretchen F. Evans
Andrew J. Falender ’92 hon. D.M. and
  Jacquelyn A. Lenth
Ms. Ellen Feingold
Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to
  Education Program
Edward C. Fleck and
  Eileen McCormick
Charles T. and Leah B. Foley
Marion R. Fremont-Smith
Elaine Freybler ’59 and
  Robert Donnelly
Benjamin M. and
  Barbara C. Friedman
Professor Mira J. Frohnmayer '63
C. MacKay and Julia Ganson
Mary Gardill
M. Dozier and Margaret B. Gardner
Mary E. and Frederick W. Gardner
Bink and Weezie Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. David Gaylin '76
Margaret T. and Bruce R. Gelin
Elizabeth P. and Charlie Gifford
Andi and John Gladstein
Steve J. Glick and Julia A. Clarkson
David R. Godine
Stephen Goldfinger
Ronald A. and Elizabeth Goodman
Paul S. Goodof
W. R. Grace Foundation
William Grote
Alison Hall and Robert Miller
Ray Hardin
Justin H. and Elizabeth L. Harrison
George N. and Daphne Hatsopoulos
Brent L. and Minnie Henry
Edward Warren Hoffman ‘68
Leo F. Horan
Jill A. Hornor and
  Yo-Yo Ma '92 hon. D.M.
John L. Hornor III '53, '55, '57 and
  Catherine C. Hornor
James D. Houghton and
  Constance B. Coburn
Martha H. Jones
Jonathan C. and Lise G. Kasdan
Kerry M. and Susan Kee in
  memory of Melba Sandberg
Heung B. Kim and Eumene Ching
Dorothy J. and Joseph W. Kitchen
Jennifer J. Krebs and
  David L. Jennings
Alice B. Kurland
Gloria J. Kushel ‘86 and
  Richard Kushel
Miguel A. Leibovich
Robert and Johann Lesser
Barry W. and Ellen S. Levine
George S. and Emily S. Lewis
Margaret M. Lioi ’76 and
  Michael Ziemski
Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper
Mass Hauling Corporation
Charlotte F. and Todd Maynard
Patricia L. McGrath
Cara McGrath
Mark T. and Katie D. McWeeny
Gerald and Patricia Means
Janice C. Meyerson ’75 and
  Raymond Scheindlin
Jean and Kyra Montagu
Donald F. Moran
Mount Auburn Hospital
Elizabeth R. and
  Cornelius J. Moynihan, Jr.
Wendy E. and David Murphy
Jeffrey L. Musman and
  Lynn Spencer
Peter S. Myles
Jeffrey Nicolich
Robert T. and
  Kathryn M. O'Connell
Carol Ann O'Connor '80
Carol B. O’Hare
John M. and Bonnie Olsen
Arthur B. and Constance Q. Page
Leonard J. Patenaude and
  Andrea Farkas-Patenaude
Pearl S. and Owen Pell
Ellen Pfeifer and Daniel Polvere
Thomas M. Pounds
Stephen Radcliffe
Juliette and Watson D. Reid, M.D.
Hilary F. ’88 and Mark Respass
Hanson S. Reynolds and
  Sharon M. Gray
S. Melvin Rines
William S. and Eliza H. Rowe
Ms. Jacqueline Santangelo '74 and
  Mr. Howard Schwartz
Victor N. ’73 and Lesley Sawa
Sayles Group LLC
Diana R. and Harold B. Scoggins
Bert Seager ‘84
Raleigh A. and
  Katherine D. Shoemaker
Stephen R. Siders
Ellen and Jay Sklar
Eve Slater
Robert P. and Salwa J. Smith
Elizabeth F. and Gary A. Spiess
Larry and Beverly St. Clair
Ann E. St. George
Robert Stallman ’68, ’71 and
  Hannah Woods Stallman
Theodore E. and Susan Stebbins
Betty-Anne Stokes
William A. and
  Elizabeth Thorndike
W. Nicholas and Joan Thorndike
David S. ‘87 and Susan M. Tobin
Gerard B. and Polly J. Townsend
Tyco Integrated Security
Dena M. and John R. Upton
Yawara Ushioda
The Venkataramani Family
James Vernon
Susan S. and Richard R. Walters
Felix H. Wang ‘93 and
  Carolyn Huebl
George I. Warner and
  Elisabeth W. Cunningham
Peter J. Wender
Peter T. Wheeler and
  Elizabeth Munro
Dix and Alexandra A. Wheelock
Jennifer and
  David Williams-Bulkeley
Mark A. Wilson
Caleb and Phoebe Winder
Alexis and Laurence Wintersteen
J. Rodman and Natalie K. Wright
Jane S. Young
Laima I. and Bertram Zarins