This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Friend ($500–$999)
Vanessa L. Adler and
  Barnet Schecter
David H. ’75 and Judith G. Archibald
Ellyn L. and Hugh P. Armstrong
James S. Athanasoulas
Jim and Anne Shattuck Bailey
Henry L. and Suzanne R. Bass
Joan Bentinck-Smith
Rebecca Watts ’88 and
  Jonathan Berger
Terry Berman
Robert Biddlecome
Birgit and Charles Blyth
Dinah K. and J. Alexander Bodkin
Robert A. Borchert and Patricia A.
Julian and Anna B. Bourne
Diane Katzenberg Braun ’01 and
  Peter Braun
Edgar H. and Julie Bristol
Renée M. and Lee Burns
John Y. Campbell and
  Susanna Peyton
Christopher T. Carlson and
  Jane Fisher Carlson
Kenneth L. and Elizabeth A. Cave
Oliver and Kathryn E. Chamberlain
Catia Z. Chapin
John A. Clark
Jeanette G. Clough
Anthony G. Coleman
Contract Flooring Installations, Inc.
Christopher Costanza and
  Debra H. Fong
Catherine B. Cramer
William T. Crocker
Robert W. and Debra W. Cross
George and Rita Cuker
Francis L. A. and Barbara R.
  de Marneffe
Jean E. and Sylvia de Valpine
Chris and Karen M. Dickerson
Paul and Irene Diodati
Penelope A. Dobkin
Robert W. and Evelyn H. Doran
Elias C. and Jody Dow
Duane and Tatiana Downey
Leo J. Dunn and Elizabeth J. Alden
Richard B. and Alison M. Earle
Pegeen W. and Hamed Eslami
Ms. Ellen Feingold
Everett J. and Olga Firth
Marion R. Fremont-Smith
Thomas A. Froeschle
Mary Gardill
M. Dozier Gardner and
  Margaret B. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. David Gaylin ’76
Barbara C. and Warren Geissinger
William J. and Joanne Goode
Paul S. Goodof
W. R. Grace Foundation
William Grote
Sonia Guterman
Ruth E. Harcovitz
Ms. Barbara Hardgrave
Ray Hardin
H. David Henken and
  Melissa D. Mills
Mrs. Marie Hermann in memory of
  Melba R. Sandberg
Leo F. Horan
James D. Houghton and
  Constance B. Coburn
Rawson W. and Sarah Hubbell
Michael C. and Laura Hutchinson
Phillip Louis and Alice J. Isenberg
William and Jo K. Jagoda
Martha H. Jones
Jay H. and Susan Kaufman
Robert E. and Jane Keiter
Heung B. Kim and Eumene Ching
Margarette S. Kim and Kee H. Lee
Stephen M. Krane
Alice B. Kurland
Gloria Joan Kushel and
  Richard Kushel
Paul and Dorrie LaFerriere
Mary C. Lane
Barry W. and Ellen S. Levine
Margaret M. Lioi ’76 and
  Michael Ziemski
Jill A. Hornor and Yo-Yo Ma ’92
  hon. D.M.
Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper
Patricia M. Maier
Earl S. Marmar and Ruth Shefer
Michael A. McShane
Janice C. Meyerson and
  Raymond Scheindlin
Margaret A. Mills ’59
Anne D. ’50 and Victor D. Modugno
Donald F. Moran
Ronald R. and Wanda J. Mourant
Catherine Nadon-Carignan ’62, ’66
Philip H. and Barbara J. Newman
Jeffrey Nicolich
Andrea M. ’75 and Christopher Nolin
Robert T. and Kathryn M. O'Connell
Carol Ann O'Connor ’80
Pearl S. and Owen Pell
Sheila D. Perry
Ellen Pfeifer and Daniel Polvere
Philips North America - MG
Florence Preisler
Carol A. Procter
Stephen Radcliffe
Marilyn S. and Edward Real
Juliette and Watson D. Reid, M.D.
Rosemary E. Reiss and Avner Ash
Hanson S. Reynolds and
  Sharon M. Gray
William G. Rogerson and
  Sally L. Conkright
Louis E. and Holly Salemy
Preston H. and Rebecca B.
Ms. Jacqueline Santangelo ’74 and
  Mr. Howard Schwartz
Shawmut Design and Construction
Greg and Michelle Shell
Roger D. and Pamela H. Shepley
Pierce S. and Abigail Sioussat
Ellen and Jay Sklar
Elizabeth F. and Gary A. Spiess
Marylen R. Sternweiler
Bruce A. and Terri Stevens
C. Winfield Swarr ’62 and
  Winifred B. Swarr
James and Olga L. Tague
W. Nicholas and Joan Thorndike
David S. ’87 and Susan M. Tobin
Deborah B. Tucker
The Vafa Family
The Venkataramani Family
Susan S. Walters
Felix H. Wang and Carolyn Huebl
Peter T. Wheeler and
  Elizabeth Munro
Dix and Alexandra A. Wheelock
Alexis and Laurence Wintersteen
Janet Wu
Hugo M. and Marcia Yamada
  in memory of Melba R.
Laima I. and Bertram Zarins
Samy R. and Annie Zekhout