This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

Friend ($500 – $999)

Vanessa L. Adler ‘93 and
  Barnet Schecter
AEI Consultants
Anthony Aldridge
Aon Foundation
Bank of America Matching Gifts
The Beal Companies
Rebecca Watts ’88 and
  Jonathan Berger
Donald T. Bishop
Timothy V. Blair ’78 and
  Sally Coveleskie
Boston Early Music Festival
  and Exhibition
James G. Boujoukos ’62
Jane C. and John M. Bradley
Diane Katzenberg Braun '01 and
  Peter Braun
Edgar H. and Julie Bristol
Richard S. and Barbara R. Burwen
John Y. Campbell and
  Susanna Peyton
John Carey
Christopher T. Carlson and
  Jane Fisher Carlson
James E. Carroll
Elizabeth G. and Jeff Case
Kenneth L. and Elizabeth A. Cave
Diane J. Chillog ’73, ‘78
John A. Clark ’81
Joseph G. Cleveland
Anthony G. Coleman ‘77
W. Robert and Carolyn L. Connor
Mark H. Cooley
Cox Engineering Company
George and Rita Cuker
DaVinci Direct
Jean E. and Sylvia de Valpine
Robert W. and Evelyn H. Doran
Elias C. and Jody Dow
Duane R. and Tatiana Downey
Dane Dwyer
Chie and Yoshiaki Ei
Alan P. Ett ‘78 and Sheila M. Hall
Ms. Ellen Feingold
Marion R. Fremont-Smith
Chantal Friset
Thomas A. Froeschle
Frederick W. and Mary E. Gardner
M. Dozier and Margaret B. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. David Gaylin '76
Margaret T. and Bruce R. Gelin
The General Electric Foundation
David R. Godine
Ronald A. and Elizabeth Goodman
W. R. Grace Foundation
Dennis and Norma Hafley
Alison Hall and Robert Miller
Ray Hardin
George N. and
  Daphne Hatsopoulos
Jill A. Hornor and
  Yo-Yo Ma '92 hon. D.M.
James D. Houghton and
  Constance B. Coburn
Stephen I. Hudis ’77 and
  Merrye Shavel
James S. and Bess Hughes
Jennifer A. and
  Arnold W. Hunnewell, Jr.
Roger B. and Janice G. Hunt
Raymond T. Jackson, D.M.A.
Rebekah A. Johnson-McHugh ’02
and Stephen McHugh
Kerry M. and Susan Kee
  in memory of Melba Sandberg
Heung B. Kim and Eumene Ching

Barbara Krede
Maria Krokidas
Alice B. Kurland
Gloria J. Kushel ‘86 and
  Richard Kushel
Miguel A. Leibovich
Barry W. and Ellen S. Levine
Susan E. Linder
Margaret M. Lioi ’76 and
  Michael Ziemski
William Lockeretz
M. L. McDonald Sales
  Company, Inc.
Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper
Gerald and Patricia Means
Raymond Mendez and
  Katherine Fuller Mendez
Merck Company Foundation
Carl Metzer
Helen V. ’61 and Russell W. Meyer
James W. Meyer
Janice C. Meyerson ’75 and
  Raymond Scheindlin
Jean and Kyra Montagu
Donald F. Moran
Ronald R. and Wanda J. Mourant
Elizabeth R. and
  Cornelius J. Moynihan, Jr.
New England Philharmonic
Walter M. Newman and
  Marleen N. Nienhuis
Jeffrey Nicolich
Gail M. and Kevin O’Donnell
Anthony P. and Kristin S. Polito
Carol A. Procter ’63, ‘65
Virginia L. Raad
Juliette and Watson D. Reid, M.D.
Hanson S. Reynolds and
  Sharon M. Gray
The Rhode Island Foundation
Diana R. and Harold B. Scoggins
Robert G. and Rosmarie Scully
Allen and Lee Sinai
Ellen and Jay Sklar
Lionel B. and Vivian K. Spiro
Peter H. and Lucy P. Sprayregen
Theodore E. and Susan Stebbins
Susan Stempleski
Marylen R. Sternweiler
Betty-Anne Stokes
Sarah Lederberg Stone and
  Jordan M. Stone
Judy Harkness Taft and
  William H. Taft IV
Jay Tang and Luning Han
The Teagle Foundation, Inc.
Judith Ogden Thomson
William A. and Elizabeth Thorndike
W. Nicholas and Joan Thorndike
Christina and Peter R. Townsend
Gerard B. and Polly J. Townsend
Tyco Integrated Security
The Venkataramani Family
James Vernon
Felix H. Wang ‘93 and
  Carolyn Huebl
Nancy Watters and
  Steven B. Sayre
Peter J. Wender
Randy Weston '13 hon. D.M.
Saul Winer ’65, ’66 and
  Chana Lipson
XinXin Zhang and
  Adam Wong
Scott Wright Plumbing &
  Heating, LLC
Yuji Yasunishi