This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2013 and January 15, 2014.

2013-2014 College Parent Annual Fund Donors

Mark and Jacqueline Adickes
Govind and Anne L. Agrawal
Michael and Ronni Aronow
Lorimer and Sharon Bacasmot
Robert and Ann Baird
Elaine and Joseph A. Barrett
Adrian and Nancy A. Bennett
Deborah and Gordon Bennett
Miriam H. Berlin
William and Sandra Bridges
Charles R. Burchell
John Y. Campbell and Susanna Peyton
John and Maureen Cervinsky
Thomas C. Chalmers and Joan K. Meyer
Allen D. Cheadle
E-Kwan Chen and Iris Wang
Michael and Ann Economou Clarke
Rebecca and Andrew E. Clements
Nadine Cohen
Margaret and Eric Baltz Darling
Gary and Terri David
Charles R. Dearolf and Kelliann Hess
John and Cathy DeBonville
Steven and Roberta Susan Dick
David and Gabrielle Savage Dockterman
Henry and Jolanda Ramona Doornberg
Jonathan M. Dreyer
Gary and Denise Linnea Ebisuzaki
Laura Ellison
Frank B. Epstein and Mary A. Epstein
Thomas J. Farnan
Dr. Robin Feltoon
John and Lynn Ferrillo
Peter and Pamela Potter Flaherty
Brian and Sarah K. Flax
Robert and Martha Cowles Frampton
William and Margaret Freivogel
Thomas and Jean C. Galib
Terese and Christopher P. Geehern
Albert T. Gilliam and Daria Kachmar
Alain and Anne-Marie Girard
Allan and Lora Goodridge
Leon and Linda E. Gregorian
Xiaojun Guan and Xincan Zhang
Andrew and Alison Gunsberg
Sonia K. Guterman
Kathryn and Gary L. Habedank
Alison Hall and Robert Miller
David W. Halt
Ghassan and Michelle S. Harika
William and Kiyomi M. Hayashi
Peter A. Hill and Robin Hardman
Melville and Elizabeth D. Hodder
William and Jo-Anna Rapp Holden
James and Laura L. Holtz
Henry C. Hooker and Alicia Randisi-Hooker
Shel Horowitz and D. Dina Friedman
Peter and Irene Schlater Hruskoci
Mr. Gary and Mary Jarosz
Mi-Young Jeon and Edwin D. Lee
Robert M. Kass and Suzanne M. Sarro
Diane Katzenberg Braun and Peter Braun
Suzanne and Eric M. Kenney
Carolyn Kenzslowe
Hyo-Kyung Kim and Chung S. Shin
Ji-Huyng Kim and Jong-Suk Yang
Dorothy and Joseph W. Kitchen
Jay and Leonie H. Kramer
Anne Kresl
Dieter Kuhnert
Casey Kwok and Qian Q. Fang
John and Kristine Lamb
Phillip and Sue A. Landman
Veda and David S. Levin
Xiaojian and Katie Z. Li
Cynthia J. Lucas
Robert and Mary K. Luidens
John and Patricia A. Mallia
Mary Jane M. Mastrodomenico
Kevin and Florence Maughan
Elizabeth and Clement A. McCarthy
David and Lynn A. McCreedy
Karl and Jayne McDonald
Roger and Mary Elizabeth McKay
Susan and Stephen G. McKinstry
William and Mary Ellen McShane
Gerald and Patricia Means
Ralph and Ann Misener
Stephen Moldof and Michaele Noble
Joseph and Jenny Moreschi
Yuri Namirovsky and Frieda Orshanskaja
Joseph and Gail Notovitz
Kenjiro and Jacalyn Numagami
Philip and Kelly Palmedo
Carolyn Mervis and John Pani
Hyung and Soo Jae Park
John and Linda Kline Parrette
Myron S. Pharo
Susan and Mark E. Phelps
John and Marilyn Pietri
Valerie Pinkston
Roy and Shirley E Prescod
David Raderman
Barbara and Earl L. Raney
Curtis and Kerrilyn Renshaw
John and Vicki Marie Rezzo
Constance K. Richardson
Robert C. Riordan and Judith Halpern
Joan and Thomas Rudd
Adina T. Salmansohn
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Salmon
Richard and Patricia S. Schaphorst
Steven and Alexandra K. Schiller
Beverly and Sylvia Scott
James and Yvonne Searle
Anthony and Mary S. Shek
Nancy and Steven J. Sheldon
Koppelman/Dinner Fund of the Scranton Area Foundation Inc.
Brian and Celia Shneier
Daniel and Patricia Mary Sieckman
Mike Feil and Ginny Simon
Opal Sinclair-Chung and Derek Chung
Eve E. Slater
Catherine and Gerald H. Smith
Yang Xu and Thomas Wainwright Smith
Allan and Bonnie G. Stevens
Carolyn Swartz
Ben and Eva Tse
Luis and Theresa A. Vinas
Warren and Roselyn M. Winterbottom
Attila and Ece Havva Yaprak
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Zakeosian