This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2013 and November 30, 2014.

Benefactor ($1,000–$1,499)
Anonymous (2)
Laurent and Rumiko Adamowicz
H. Peter Aitken
A. Clinton and Lawson P. Allen
AM/PM Cleaning Corporation
Richard W. and Ann Anderson
Barbara W. and Mehadin K. Arafeh
Benjamin B. Baker and Family
Talbot Baker
Daniela Bedoni
Ann M. Beha and Robert A. Radloff
Laura L. Bell ‘85 and
  Robert Schultz
Atul L. and Ajita A. Bhat
Diana J. Bingham ‘54
Linda Cabot Black
Debora L. Booth '78
Boston Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Jane C. and John M. Bradley
Blair and Carol Brown
Dr. and Mrs. H. Franklin Bunn
Jean T. Burgdorff
Richard S. and Barbara R. Burwen
David Burnham
Sara S. and Timothy Cabot
David and Susan Cabot
Capital Counsel LLC
  Investment Advisers
Century Bank
Geoffrey T. Chalmers
Oliver ’59, ‘64 and
  Kathryn E. Chamberlain
Robert N. Cohen
Contract Flooring Installations, Inc.
Nathaniel and Catherine Coolidge
Beth and Linzee Coolidge
Emily S. and Fernando J. Corbató
Thomas F. Coyne
Priscilla D. Daniels ’51 *
Drs. Anna L. and Peter B. Davol
Colin S. and Joan M. Diver
Ralph Earle and Jane Mendillo
R. Mavis and V. William Efthim
Robert and Sandra Engle
Yen-Tsai Feng
Peter A. and Pamela P. Flaherty
G. David Forney and
  Elizabeth D. Coxe
Frederick W. Geissler ‘58
Katherine E. and
  Thomas F. Gilbane
Sibila C. Glöggler and David Korb
Carol R. and Avram J. Goldberg
  Fund, a donor advised Fund of
  the Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Ms. Winifred Perkin Gray
Mary J. Greer
Janice M. Guilbault
Sonia K. Guterman
Dennis and Norma Hafley
Ruth E. Harcovitz ‘72
Jerry and Margaretta Hausman
John C. Heiss ’13 hon. D.M.
Gardner C. Hendrie and
  Karen J. Johansen/The Fannie
  Cox Foundation
Bob and Kristine Higgins
John D. Hires ‘80
Miu-Hing C. Ho ‘69 and Yu L. Chu
Patricia Hudson
Jennifer A. and
  Arnold W. Hunnewell, Jr.
Michael C. ‘01 and
  Laura Hutchinson
William and Jo K. Jagoda
Mi-Young Jeon ’82 and
  Edwin D. Lee ‘88
Alex S. Jones
George A. and Cheryl Keches
Joan Bennett Kennedy
Sunwha M. Kim ‘70 and Kee H. Lee
Paula S. Kremer
Paul and Dorrie LaFerriere
Charles T. and Bobi LeLon
Mark Leonard ‘76
Francis J. Lovell
Betty S. Lykins
Holt Massey and
  Sandra Ourusoff-Massey
Joy McIntyre ‘63
Carol McKeen '83 and
  John Dunton
Pete S. and Patricia P. Michaels
Margaret A. Mills ‘59
Christopher Mitchum
Ronald R. and Wanda J. Mourant
Office Solutions LLC
Caroline W. Palmer
Katharine M. and Anthony D. Pell
James W. and Margaret H. Perkins
Edward N. Perry and
  Cynthia W. Wood
Beth K. Pfeiffer
The Plumb Family Fund of the
  Maine Community Foundation
Virginia L. Raad
F. E. Reinhart
Rosemary E. Reiss and Avner Ash
Ivers Rifkin
William G. Rogerson and
  Sally L. Conkright
Benoit Rolland and
  Christine Arveil
Matthew W. and Susan E. Ryan
June and Mark Rzepczynski
Naoko B. Sakurai-Hague '73 and
  Donald M. Hague
Preston H. and
  Rebecca B. Saunders
Betsy B. Schafer
Stephen J. and Lisa S. Schiffman
Rhoda and Louis Scovel
  Charitable Foundation, a donor
  advised Fund of the
  Combined Jewish Philanthropies
The Helena Segy Foundation
Jonathan D. and Maggie G. Seelig
Shawmut Design
  and Construction
Karl Sims
Joel and Elinor Siner
Pierce S. ’80 and Abigail Sioussat
Katherine S. Sipolt
Peter A. Solomon
Marylen R. Sternweiler
Galen L. and Anne B. Stone
Anna Marie Svedrofsky
C. Winfield Swarr '62 and
  Winifred B. Swarr
Judy Harkness Taft and
  William H. Taft IV
Jane and Hooker Talcott
KarenBeth Tilden
Ardis Vaughan
Rufus R. Ward
Nancy Watters and
  Steven B. Sayre
Alexander and Laura R. Webb
Donald and Vivian Weilerstein
Marilee Wheeler
Hugh Wolff and Judith Kogan
Robina G. Worcester
William H. Wrean
G. Mead and Ann S. Wyman
Doris Yaffe
Hugo M. and Marcia Yamada