The following Liberal Arts courses are available for Spring 2014 registration. Learn about the rest of our Spring 2014 electives here, or find a complete list of courses offered in other years here.

Drama Workshop IIThe Good Person of Szechwan by Bertolt Brecht

Drama Workshop II shares many of the same objectives as its prerequisite, Drama Workshop I:  the creation of a truly collaborative, “serious-play” space where students can take risks and explore the dramatic art form in order to become better actors and better musicians.  However, Drama Workshop II takes this training further by emphasizing what goes into the creation of a full theatrical production.  This year we will work on a workshop production of Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan, a play about the difficulty of maintaining humane values in a world that relentlessly requires us to compromise them to prosper and even to survive. Music will be created in collaboration with the Liberal Arts elective, The Revolutionary Theatre of Bertolt Brecht.

taught by Patrick Keppel

Visual Arts StudioVisual Arts Studio

In this course we will examine what enables us to be artists, creating an environment that encourages us to take pleasure in intellectual risk-taking.  The Museum of Fine Arts provides an unexpected, informal setting—a playful arena for considering particular elements of composition and improvisation or for grappling with pressing issues in the world today.  Directed and sustained observation and discussion of the museum’s collection and rotating exhibitions will help studio participants develop visual and critical thinking skills ranging from the concrete to the abstract, as we examine the construction of a piece of art as well as associations generated by a particular image or subject. By participating in a discussion process that is open-ended, inquiry-based and viewer-centered, we will focus on the awareness that artists are always considering distinctions and making choices.

taught by Robin Dash