NEC's music collection is one of the largest and most important in the United States. The collection is currently stored in two locations: the Idabelle Firestone Audio Library, in the basement of the Jordan Hall building, and the Harriet M. Spaulding Library, in the 33 Gainsborough Street building.

The proposed design for the library component of the Student Life and Performance Center recognizes that libraries are among the fastest-changing program elements on any academic campus, with emerging technology providing new options for collections and programming. The open structural design of the two floors of the library will ensure flexibility in layout as needs change.

SLPC 2013Nov sketches - Library Level 1

This sketch shows the Student Life and Performance Center from the standpoint of a person who has just come up the stairs from the Dining Commons and is inside the lower level of the Library, facing the Circulation Desk and stairs to the second level of the Library, with St Botolph Street at their back.

SLPC 2013Nov sketches - Library Level 1 floor plan

The Library Resource Center is part of the SLPC's publicly accessible amenities.

NEC's parking lot currently occupies this spot.