8-Credit Skills Certificate

The Skills Certificate can be completed in one semester of study. Students may also elect to complete it within one year.

Students in the Skills Certificate program come from all walks of life. Some students are preparing for undergraduate or graduate degrees in music. Others are amateur musicians that are looking to take their skills to the next level and gain a solid musical and technical foundation. No matter where you’re coming from, the Skills Certificate can help you get where you’re going. Currently NEC's School of Continuing Education offers a Skills Certificate in Solo Jazz Piano.

Skills Certificate in Solo Jazz Piano

The Solo Jazz Piano Skills Certificate, based on our national leading two-year Professional Studies program, is composed of essential jazz courses and private studio that support the skills and tools necessary to develop technique and gain a greater command on the keyboard. 

For music teachers or students interested in intense short-term jazz training, this program is an extremely cost and time effective way to study jazz in a setting that has a highly personalized approach to teaching, small class sizes, and a great deal of private instruction time relative to most jazz schools.

Students can use this program as a preparation for both undergraduate and masters jazz degree program auditions. This program may also be used as part of professional development.


 Solo Jazz Piano Certificate Requirements


Jazz Studio4
Jazz Improvisation Studio

Approved Specified Jazz Electives

Choose From:

Jazz Composition
Jazz Ear Training
Jazz Theory
Jazz Arranging


Total Credits Required8