Generally, students are awarded one credit for each hour of class time.
Exceptions are made for studio, ensemble, and a small number of classes.
For complete information as to courses offered in the current year, students
should consult the schedule of course offerings available each semester in the
Registrar’s Office. Courses numbered 100 through 499 are undergraduate
level; courses numbered 500 through 999 are graduate level. Course numbers
preceded by a “»” are typically offered each academic year. Course numbers
followed by a “T” are taught to mixed classes of undergraduates and graduates.
Undergraduate students may register for graduate-level courses with the
instructor’s permission. Courses followed by a “*” are repeatable for credit.
Courses followed by a “**” are repeatable for credit if the topic has changed
(permission from Academic Advisor required).


»PRCBR 120T – Horn Class
Students and faculty work collaboratively in this class. Students are encouraged to perform and provide feedback in every class, simultaneously developing performance and teaching skills and addressing musical, technical and performance anxiety issues. Emphasis is placed on audition/recital preparation and section/ensemble playing. (1 credit*) Sebring,Sommerville

»PRCBR 140 – Trombone Class
Trombone Class covers a broad range of territories, including extensive work on audition techniques, section playing, solo performance, and trombone choir. In addition, there are special classes in creativity and building an alive and enduring relationship with music. (1 credit*) Bolter, Lange, Markey, Oft

»PRCBR 150T – Trumpet Class
The primary emphasis of this class is applied performance, focusing on four main areas: orchestra section playing, audition preparation, performance of solo literature, and practice techniques. Other topics discussed include freelancing, building recitals, and professional etiquette. (1 credit*) Rolfs, Wright, M. Martin, Siders, Emery

»PRCBR 170T– Tuba Class
Students study aspects of becoming a professional tubist. The course covers standard and non-standard tuba literature in the orchestral, chamber, and solo genres. Proper maintenance of the instrument, audition preparation, and resumé format will be discussed. Occasional guest artist/speakers will be invited. (1 credit*) Roylance

»PRCBR 340T – Brass Orchestral Repertoire Class
A reading class for works from the standard orchestral repertoire of major brass section literature. Instruction in all areas of professional performance: preparation, tone production, ensemble, interacting with colleagues and conductors. (1 credit*) Bolter, Sommerville

»PRCBR 520T – Horn Class
Graduate offering of PRCBR 120T. (0 credit*) Sebring, Sommerville

»PRCBR 540 – Trombone Class
Graduate offering of PRCBR 140T. (0 credit*) Bolter, Oft, Lange, Markey

»PRCBR 540T – Brass Orchestral Repertoire Class
Graduate offering of PRCBR 340T. (1 credit*) Bolter, Sommerville

»PRCBR 550T – Trumpet Class
Graduate offering of PRCBR 150T. (0 credit*) Rolfs, Wright, M. Martin, Siders, Emery

»PRCBR 570T – Tuba Class
Graduate offering of PRCBR 170T. (0 credit*) Roylance