September 12, 2016

Winning Quartets at 2016 Banff International
String Quartet Competition Include NEC Players

Held every three years at the Banff Centre in Canada since 1983, the 12th Banff International String Quartet Competition ended September 4, following five rounds of competition that began with ten qualifying quartets.

Jeff Dyrda '11 M.M., '12 G.D. is second violinist of the Rolston String Quartet, which took First Prize, the Esterházy Foundation Prize, and Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance Prize. First Prize carries a cash award of $25,000, a professional recording, and a performance tour in over 50 North American and European cities.

Ross Snyder '07 B.M. is first violinist of the Tesla Quartet, which took Second Prize ($12,000), the R.S. Williams & Sons Haydn Prize ($3,000), and Canadian Commission Prize ($3,000).

New this year, the seven quartets that did not advance to the final round will receive a career development award of $4,000. This includes the Omer Quartet, currently enrolled in NEC's Professional String Quartet Training Program, as well as the Argus Quartet, whose second violinist is Clara [Heeyun] Kim '01 Prep, '06 Tufts/NEC, and Ulysses Quartet, whose second violinist is Rhiannon Banerdt '06 Prep, '10 M.M., '12 M.M.

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