The Wallace Goodrich collection is organized into twelve series:

  1. Correspondence, Professional
  2. Correspondence, Faculty
  3. Correspondence, Selected
  4. Orchestra Files
  5. Department Files
  6. Funding/Endowment Files
  7. Annual Reports
  8. Subject Files
  9. External Files
  10. Newspaper/Periodical Clippings
  11. Photographs
  12. Scrapbook

The Professional Correspondence dates from 1937 to 1952, covering Goodrich’s last few years as Director and the following decade in which he served as Director Emeritus.

Faculty Correspondence spans the years 1939-1951. These folders are organized chronologically and then alphabetically by faculty member’s name within each folder.

The Selected Correspondence (General) was originally a small separate collection.  It has been incorporated into the larger Goodrich collection but has retained its original alphabetical arrangement. For more detailed information, see the item level description. Other Selected Correspondence includes exchanges with Philip Allen (Board of Trustees Chairman), Geraldine Farrar and Gertrude Norman, as well as correspondence regarding former NEC directors, and Goodrich’s compositional arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner. (Additional correspondence between Goodrich and Gertrude Norman can be found in the Marcia van Dresser Collection).

The Orchestra Files and Department Files deal with the operations of these ensembles/departments during Goodrich’s tenure. The Facilities/Equipment folder includes a school directory listing the functions of rooms in the 290 Huntington Ave. building.

There are several folders of materials, primarily dating from Goodrich’s service as Director Emeritus that relate to NEC’s Funding and Endowment. These records document the establishment of several important funds, foundations, and prizes such as the Adamowski Estate, the Frank Huntington Beebe Foundation, the Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund, the Charles Hayden Foundation, the Walter Naumburg Foundation, the Oliver Ditson Fund, the Paderewski Prize, and the Charles Warren Fund.

Goodrich’s Annual Reports to the Board of Trustees span from the academic years 1930-1931 through 1940-1941. Also included is a report from the Director to the Alumni (1932) and a pamphlet entitled "Degrees in Music"(1933).

The Subject Files are primarily of a historical nature and contain information concerning paintings (perhaps owned by the Conservatory during this period), instruments owned by or donated to NEC, and a Jordan Hall photo collection. Included is a catalogue entitled "New England Conservatory: Collection of Musical Instruments" from January 1, 1915.  In this book, the numbers given to each instrument are those that were assigned at the Chickering Exhibition of Musical Instruments, held in Boston in 1902. In 1947, Wallace Goodrich also composed a memoir, never published, of his time at the Conservatory. This memoir, entitled “Personal Recollections of the New England Conservatory of Music”, gives a detailed account of the administration, academic life, institutional affiliations, facilities, furnishings, funding, and instrument collections at the Conservatory from 1897, the year Goodrich was hired as a member of the organ faculty, until 1947.

External files primarily relate to Goodrich’s involvement with the Joint Commission on Church Music, Harvard University, and the Boston Opera Association/Metropolitan Opera Association. One folder also contains an article written by Goodrich published in the The Century Church Bulletin (December 1923) entitled "The Correlation of the Conservatory and the Training School in the Education of the Musical Leadership of the Church." Lastly there is one folder of concert programs from the American Guild of Organists.

In addition, there is a group of approximately ninety newspaper/periodical photo clippings that were collected by Goodrich. Because the majority of people pictured in these clippings have last names beginning with the letters V-Z, it appears that this group of clippings may have been part of a much larger collection.

The next series of the Goodrich collection includes a group of approximately seventy photographs, the majority of which were donated to the Conservatory by members of the Goodrich family. These photographs are organized alphabetically according to the subject’s last name. Among the renowned musicians pictured in the photographs are: Josef Adamowski, Nadia Boulanger, George W. Chadwick, Gabriel Faure, Arthur Foote, Wilhelm Gericke, Franz Kneisel, Serge Koussevitzky, Pierre Monteux, Charles Munch, Arthur Nikisch, Ignace Jan Paderewski, and Charles Marie Widor. A number of the photographs are of opera singers from this period, including Georges Baklanoff, Geraldine Farrar, Kirsten Flagstad, Mary Garden, Myra Hess, Edward Johnson, Vanni Marcoux, Edith Mason-Polacco, Nellie Melba, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Fritzi Scheff, Milka Ternina, Kerstin Thorberg etc. Two certificates honoring Goodrich are also included. Item level inventories of the photographs and clippings which provide more detailed description are made available in our institutional repository.

Finally there is one scrapbook in this collection. It is a memorial scrapbook that was assembled after Goodrich's death in 1952. It contains biographies, obituaries, eulogies, letters of condolence , etc from New England Conservatory, other academic institutions, musical organizations and religious organizations.