Victoria Glaser's collection is organized into nine series:

  1. Compositions and Arrangements
  2. Longy School of Music
  3. Music School at Rivers
  4. New England Conservatory of Music
  5. Publication correspondence
  6. Teaching Materials
  7. Unitarian Universalist Singles
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Publication manuscripts

The Compositions and Arrangements series includes manuscript vocal and instrumental works composed or arranged by Glaser. Also, there are works collected by Glaser of other composers.

The Longy School of Music series contains materials dating from 1977-1987. These include correspondence, committee records, a newsletter, and a concert program.

The Music School at Rivers series contains a brochure outlining the programs provided for students as well as correspondence, general faculty materials, flyers promoting the programs, newsletters, and student recital programs.  These records span the years 1976-1979.

The New England Conservatory of Music series is comprised of correspondence with NEC Presidents, listings of Preparatory School requirements, and concert programs from the Preparatory School. One folder documents various strategic issues that were facing the Preparatory Division, including the relationship between NEC and the Music School at Rivers. Other materials include: records of a Preparatory Theory faculty seminar; a report of the findings of a Ford Foundation Study Group which examined music education for children ages 9-12; and a typed manuscript of the book or paper “Music is for Little People”, written by Lisa Frederick Parker of the NEC Extension Division faculty.  

The Publication Correspondence series consists primarily of correspondence regarding Glaser’s book Training for Musicianship. The majority of the correspondence involves copyright permission requests to various publishers for musical examples that Glaser planned to use in her book. There are also letters commenting on the book or requesting copies of the book. The folders in this series are organized alphabetically. The last folder labeled “Other” contains letters from publishers/senders for which there is only one piece of correspondence. This folder is organized alphabetically within. Finally, the last folder contains correspondence pertaining to the publication of Glaser’s later book, The Inquisitive Music Lover.

The Teaching Materials contain lesson plans from the classes taught by Glaser during her career at the NEC-Preparatory School and other schools. Also included are examples of examinations and assignments given by Glaser. In addition, there are six notebooks which contain more lesson plans and musical examples utilized in classes. While Glaser was at NEC she taught theory, sight singing, ear training and many more courses. Finally there is a “Harmony Course” book written by Nadia Boulanger which Glaser perhaps used in her teaching.

The Unitarian Universalist Singles series includes newsletters from 1981-1983 when Glaser was a forum leader. Also, included are the contracts used to rent church facilities in order to host meetings.

The Miscellaneous series contains a few pieces of general correspondence and unidentified correspondence. It also includes newspaper clippings /advertisements and a folder pertaining to Glaser’s review of a book by Lily Owyang and Linda Ostrander entitled Creative Piano: A Modular Approach for Adult Beginners. A thick notebook containing Glaser’s notes from classes she had taken in college including a Greek literature class and a Music class, as well as an outline for her honors thesis, can be found in this series. Finally, there are four unidentified 3x5 photos and two larger images of churches; one appears to be a sketch.

The Publication Manuscripts series contains typewritten drafts of nine chapters of Glaser’s book The Inquisitive Music Lover, a draft of Piano Sight Playing for the Novel Musician, and a complete pre-publication copy of her book Training for Musicianship with pasted-in text and musical examples.