The Sherwin Badger collection is organized into six series:

  1. Correspondence
  2. Fundraising Records
  3. Committee Records
  4. Department Files
  5. Subject Files
  6. External Files

The Correspondence series consists of three types of correspondence: General, Trustees, and NEC. The General correspondence spans the years 1961-1971 and is organized chronologically. Correspondence of the Trustees (correspondence to/from Board members) dates from 1962-1971 and is also arranged chronologically. The Trustees correspondence does not include gift acknowledgements. The NEC correspondence encompasses NEC faculty, staff, and administrative correspondence, as well as correspondence to/from Gunther Schuller and NEC’s Friends organization. There are also letters of interest from former NEC president Harrison Keller, contained in the Administration/former administration file.

During Badger’s tenure as Chairman of the Board, a major fundraising campaign took place. The Fundraising records series documents all aspects of that campaign. The gift acknowledgements span the years 1963-1971. Also included are prospect lists, solicitation activity records, progress reports, gift records, gift lists, and campaign literature materials.  There is also one folder concerning federal funding, and another concerning the funding for Firestone Audio Library.

The Committee records document the activities of the various NEC Board committees that existed during Badger’s chairmanship. Also included are the board membership lists from that period and a questionnaire that was distributed to the trustees in 1969.

The fourth series, Department Files, basically contains records relating to two
Conservatory departments: Public Relations and the Preparatory Division.  The
Preparatory Division records document the operations, activities and costs of the division and its branches including the North Shore, Wellesley, and Castle Hill (Summer school) programs. The Public Relations files record the operations, budgets, and goals of the PR department during Badger’s time. These records document NEC’s association with two public relations consulting firms, Corporate Images and the Forrester Co.

Badger’s Subject Files cover a wide range of topics. The first deals with materials relating to F.S. Converse- both the fellowship in his name at NEC and the disposition of his manuscripts. The Long Range Planning file, the Hay and Associates file, and the Leinsdorf meeting file concern the future goals and direction of NEC.  The Facilities folder contains information regarding improvements to NEC’s recital halls and the renovation of Brown Hall.  Other subject files concern the establishment of NEC’s Pension Plan for faculty and staff, NEC’s involvement with the Fenway Urban Renewal project, the acquisition and disposition of the Warren Estate property in Essex, and the
production of Gunther Schuller’s opera The Visitation. 

The External files primarily concern the meetings of the independent conservatories (one of which was held at Castle Hill), the planning for and development of a research study into the value of the independent conservatory in America, and efforts to attain funding as a result of this research. The group of conservatories eventually named themselves the Association of Independent Conservatories of Music (AICOM). These activities took place between 1965 and 1967.  Later an organization with a similar purpose was established in 1969 called the Council for Independent Professional Schools of Music (CIPSOM). The last of the external files relates to CIPSOM.