The Nuncio "Toots" Mondello collection is arranged into eight series:

  1. Music manuscripts
  2. Notebooks and envelopes
  3. Sketchbooks
  4. Personal papers
  5. Photographs
  6. Scrapbook
  7. Audio materials
  8. Artifacts

The first series of the Mondello collection consists of eight boxes of Mondello's music manuscripts which are arranged alphabetically by title.

The second series consists of one box containing 21 notebooks and 6 envelopes.  The majority of these contain sketches of various Mondello's musical works. Also included are a few works by other composers, in particular, Paul Creston. These are again organized alphabetically by title if possible.

The third series includes two record cartons containing 21 sketchbooks. These sketchbooks contain pedagogical musical studies and some unidentified musical sketches.

The fourth series contains Mondello's personal papers.  These are arranged into four subseries: performance materials, correspondence, publications, and materials relating to the donation of this collection. The Performance Material mostly consists of programs of concerts in which Mondello’s pieces were played. However, there are other documents such as a list of where his pieces premiered. The Correspondence in this collection includes letters regarding performances and recordings of Mondello’s works with accompanying programs, journal, photograph, etc. Most of the Publications are newsletters from the New York Flute Club, Inc., although there are other items as well. The Donation Materials are copies of the documents the library holds in conjunction with the donation of this collection.

The small number of Photographs are of Mondello during World War II, when he seems to have performed with the WAAC Caravan.

An array of items is in the Scrapbook including newspaper clippings, letters regarding performances, and newsletters.

The seventh series consists of one box of audio recordings in different formats including cassette tape, 1 3" reel to reel tape, and several 5" and 7" reel to reel tapes.  In addition there are 2 LP cases containing 23 LPs including 4 45rpm records.

The two artifacts in this collection are trophies given to Toots Mondello by Downbeat magazine in 1940 and 1942.