The Measure by Measure collection is organized into the following five series:

  1. Reference Sources
  2. Notes
  3. Additional materials
  4. Drafts
  5. Electronic records

The sources used to write this book date from NEC's founding in 1867 up until 1991. These include both sources from within NEC and also external sources. Included among the NEC sources are years worth of articles from NEC publications, books about NEC such as Chester Williams’ Indeed Music and Wallace Goodrich’s Recollections, a promotional booklet entitled “Tribute to Jordan Hall” and other NEC sources such as programs, a catalog/calendar from 1890-1891, and accumulations of information from other NEC sources. External sources include various articles from publications such as The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Harpers, The Musical Herald, and The Musical Quarterly. Other publications used as sources include excerpts from: Edward Fitzpatrick’s dissertation, The Music Conservatory in America;  The Boston Symphony Orchestra by M.A. DeWolfe Howe; The Life and Letters of Henry Lee Higginson; “Music in America” by Antonin Dvorak; 100 Years of the Boston Pops;”Chadwick and the New England Conservatory of Music” by Allan Lincoln Langley; and “An Amazing Career: The Life of Eben Tourjee” by Elizabeth I. Samuel. Also included as reference sources are biographical sketches (mainly from Baker’s and Grove’s Dictionaries) and bibliographic listings.

The second series, Notes, consists of pages of Notes used in the writing of this book. The Notes are divided into those originating from NEC sources and those taken from external sources. They are further divided into handwritten and typewritten. In some cases, the typewritten notes duplicate the handwritten notes. Also among the handwritten notes are 3 pages of printed color photos depicting various NEC properties

The third series only contains two folders – correspondence pertaining to Measure by Measure and some planning/outlining materials.

The fourth series consists of manuscript drafts of the book. There is one folder of handwritten chapter drafts and then several folders of typewritten drafts organized by chapter. There are two complete manuscript drafts included in this collection.

The fifth series includes two types of electronic records: file storage and audio recordings. The floppy disks contain materials from various stages of the composition of this book. The 3 ½ disks are all labeled. The audio recordings originally consisted of 6 cassette tapes and one microcassette tape. The six tapes contain interviews with Hankus Netsky, Peter Row, Laurence Lesser, Ran Blake, Chester Williams, and an NEC alumni group that included Frances Brockman Lanier ’37, Franklin Taplin ’42, Joan McConnell Pierce ’52 Eileen Dusio ’52, Bill Sano ’72. The microcassette was supposed to have recorded an interview with Mrs. Eunice Alberts Nicholson, who attended NEC from 1946-1948, and later in 1967. Unfortunately, the process of having the microcassette transferred revealed it was blank but we do have a transcript of the interview. Also, the recording of the interview with Andy Falendar is blank but we do have the transcript. All of the other tapes have been transferred onto compact discs and also DAT tapes.