Series 1: Reference Sources

Box 1
NEC Publications, NEC Quarterly, 1886-1899
NEC Publications, Catalog, 1887-1888
NEC Publications, NEC Magazine, 1900-1903
NEC Publications, NEC Magazine, 1904-1913
NEC Publications, NEC Magazine and Alumni Review, 1914-1916
NEC Publications, NEC Magazine-Review, 1917-1922
NEC Publications, NEC Bulletin, 1922-1927
NEC Publications, Conservatory Bulletin, 1928-1947
NEC Publications, Alumni Opus, 1951
NEC Publications, Bulletin and Catalog, 1967-1969
NEC Publications, Wallace Goodrich’s Personal Recollections of the New England
NEC Publication, Chester Williams’ “Indeed Music”
NEC Publications, Other

Box 2

NEC Programs
NEC- Other Sources
Biographies, A-L
Biographies, M-Z

Box 3
Other Publications, A-L (by title of publication or journal)
Other Publications, M-Y (by title of publication or journal)
Bibliographic Sources

Series 2: Notes

Notes compiled from NEC Sources, handwritten
Notes compiled from NEC Sources, typewritten

Box 4

Notes compiled from Other Sources, handwritten
Notes compiled from Other Sources, typewritten
Notes, Miscellaneous

Series 3:  Additional Materials

Planning Materials

Box 5

Series 4: Drafts

Handwritten drafts of chapters
Typewritten drafts, Introduction and Chapter 1
Typewritten drafts, Chapter 2
Typewritten drafts, Chapter 3

Box 6

Typewritten drafts, Chapter 4 and 5
Typewritten drafts, Chapter 6
Typewritten drafts, Chapter 7
Typewritten drafts, Chapter 8
Typewritten drafts, Chapter 9
Typewritten drafts, Afterword/Coda

Box 7

Typewritten draft, Complete manuscript
Typewritten draft, Complete manuscript, with list of additions/changes/suggestions

Box 8

Series 5: Electronic records

1 5 ½ in floppy disk, unlabeled
13 3 ½ in floppy disks, labeled
7 cassette tapes
6 compact discs and 6 dat tapes
1 microcassette
Transcriptions, notes, permission forms