The Martha Maybury Wampler collection is organized into the following four series:

  1. Correspondence
  2. Photographs
  3. Writings
  4. Miscellaneous

The Correspondence is divided into three categories: 1) Correspondence regarding Wampler’s Fulbright grant (with accompanying documentation 2) Personal correspondence, consisting of one letter from Gertrud Orff, wife of Carl Orff 3) Correspondence pertaining to the donation of this collection to the Conservatory

There are four photographs: two are 3 x 5 photographs of Martha Wampler playing the viola da gamba in a duet-on one picture with a gentleman playing double bass, in the other a woman playing recorder; the third photograph is a 5 x 7 photo of Martha Wampler, holding a copy of her own book, in discussion with two other women; the fourth is a 6 x 9 ½ photograph taken in 1972 of Martha Wampler teaching children the Orff method..

Wampler’s writings consist of a copy of her book, And Early Sing: Creativity and Participation with Young Children (c. 1973) and a copy of a manuscript for the song Give Me Liberty, for which Wampler composed the lyrics (Music by Frederick Müller)

The Miscellaneous folder only contains one item: a brochure for an Orff-Schulwerk Workshop which Wampler taught at Eastern Nazarene College.