The Larry Livingston collection is organized into five series:

  1. Correspondence
  2. Faculty Files
  3. Academic Department Files
  4. Subject Files
  5. External Files

Larry Livingston’s Correspondence includes general correspondence spanning the years 1977-1981, as well as correspondence with the NEC Community, NEC
staff/administration, and students/parents. The general correspondence is largely comprised of scheduling of guest artists’ visits, other invitations, recommendations, and job applications.

Faculty files make up a large portion of this collection. These files contain correspondence and/or materials relating to individual faculty members.  They are arranged alphabetically by faculty member’s last name. There is also one faculty file which deals with faculty evaluations and governance.

In the Academic Department series, there is particular focus on the departments of African-American music, Jazz, Music History/Music Literature, Performance of Early Music (PEM), Third Stream, and Undergraduate Theory.  Livingston was very involved in a review of the Orchestra program (Large Ensemble file) and the search for a new director.

Two Subject files also concern the NEC orchestra – one documenting the guest
conductors program and the other, the orchestra’s trip to Evian, France, as well as Livingston’s involvement with the scholarship ensembles. The subject files also contain a mission/goals statement for NEC written by Livingston and a band repertoire list drafted by Livingston.  Other topics covered in the subject files include the Crest Recording Project, the Medium Rare Big Band, NEC Instruments, the Firestone collection, and the WGBH Radio Broadcasts.

There are only two External Files – one pertaining to the Brookline Youth Concerts, and the other to Simmons College