The Julia Klumpkey Collection consists of two boxes of materials, mostly spanning the years 1895-1950s.  The first box contains items of a personal nature including documents, letters, newspaper clippings, brochures, photographs and other miscellaneous items relating to Julia Klumpkey's life.  Through this portion of the collection, one can get a glimpse into the life of an extraordinary woman of her time, and also into her relationship with her equally talented sisters, particularly Anna. The recent correspondence concerning this collection is very helpful in putting together a biographical sketch, although somewhat incomplete, of Klumpkey's life. The majority of the collection, however, consists of Klumpkey's music manuscripts which are organized by genre and then alphabetically within each folder. Originally in this collection there was a group of published music as well. This music has been separated out and cataloged into the main library collection. A chronological list of the published works can be found at the end of the Container list page for this collection. More detailed information on individual pieces can be found in our online catalog.