The Howard Goding collection is comprised of six series:

  1. Notebook, Ledger, Catalog
  2. Correspondence
  3. Concert programs
  4. Publicity materials
  5. Clippings
  6. Photographs  
  7. Recordings   

The entire collection spans the years 1910?-1979. Goding's Harmony notebook contains harmonic exercises that he probably composed as a student, probably in 1910 or 1911. The ledger contains a listing of Goding's students from the academic year 1943-1944. The NEC catalog is from the year 1929-1930. The first folder of correspondence contains two greeting cards and a few empty envelopes; the second contains two letters to Goding from a Japanese woman whose daughter had studied with him. The two folders of programs span from 1915-1930 and 1932-1979 respectively and include two from the BSO, one from the Boston Pops, several from Jordan Hall, a few from the University of Idaho, several from other Massachusetts venues, as well as a few programs of the Goding-Thiede-Zeidl trio. Goding's publicity materials include press brochures/flyers and a poster. The fifth series contains several folders of newspaper clippings about Goding’s performances, primarily from the 1930s (which have been photocopied for preservation purposes). Each envelope of clippings is given its own folder. The sixth series includes several photographs including two large portraits of Goding, two copies of the same photo of a group of people (faculty?) including Goding, a picture of Goding with two other men, as well as autographed photos of Goding's teacher, George Proctor and Paul Shirley. The two compact discs are part 1 and 2 of Goding’s 50th anniversary piano recital from 1969.