The George W. Chadwick collection is organized into the following thirteen series:

  1. Correspondence, Professional 
  2. Correspondence, Personal 
  3. Correspondence, Family
  4. Photographs
  5. Date-books/Desk Calendars
  6. Newspaper Clippings
  7. Memoirs
  8. Programs
  9. Writings
  10. Scrapbooks
  11. Miscellaneous
  12. Artifacts
  13. Oversize Documents

*Note: All of Chadwick's music manuscripts are individually cataloged and can be found by searching our online catalog.

The first and largest series consists of twenty boxes (document size) of Chadwick’s professional correspondence while he was Director of the New England Conservatory.  Unfortunately, the collection does not include correspondence from the early years of his tenure (1897-1903).  There is a smattering of correspondence from 1904, however the majority of the correspondence spans from the years 1910 -1931. The last box of this series contains some letters written to Chadwick after his death; letters written to Mrs. Chadwick after his death; and select correspondence, originally grouped together, from a particular organization or regarding a particular topic  With the exception of the select correspondence, this first series is arranged chronogically by academic year.

The second series consists of five document cases of personal correspondence (and two boxes of photocopies). These letters are arranged alphabetically by sender with a few exceptions. This trove of over 1500 personal letters to/from Chadwick and/or Mrs. Chadwick includes substantial correspondence from Frederick Converse, Henry Higginson, Helen Hopekirk, Horatio Parker, Frederick Stock, Carl Stoeckel, Templeton Strong, and Theodore Thomas, as well as limited correspondence from Amy Beach, Walter Damrosch, Antonin Dvorak, Gabriel Faure, Arthur Foote, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Percy Grainger, Henry Hadley, Charles Loeffler, Edward MacDowell, Walter McEwen, Josef Rheinberger, Jean Sibelius, John Phillip Sousa, and Leopold Stokowski.
The third series is comprised of four boxes of Chadwick family correspondence. The majority of this correspondence consists of letters between George and his wife Ida May Chadwick. Also included is correspondence from George and Ida May’s sons, Noel and Theodore Chadwick; their daughters-in-law, Elizabeth Zerrahn and Elizabeth Young (and their parents), Martha Chadwick; and their grandchildren Teddy and Conya. These letters are arranged according to sender, and then chronologically wherever possible. In addition, this series also contains materials concerning Chadwick’s descendants.

One folder contains correspondence with information about the Chadwick medal and silver bowl and documentation of the donation of these artifacts to NEC. Included is the original 1936 letter written by Chadwick’s son Noel to his son Richard—passing down the medal to the next generation. A second folder contains correspondence regarding the donation of newspaper photocopies to the NEC Archives concerning Chadwick and members of his family. Included is an article about Chadwick written by William Orcutt that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor in February 1935; wedding announcement with photos of Noel Chadwick and Elizabeth Young; and obituaries for Chadwick’s grandsons, George M. Hyde and Richard Y. Chadwick. This folder also contains two Chadwick family trees - one covering the 1600-1700s and the other George W. Chadwick and his descendants. Finally, there is a folder containing approximately twenty small photographs of Chadwick's descendants.

A collection of approximately 105 photographs, housed in two drop front boxes, makes up the fourth series. This group of photographs includes: a small number of Chadwick portraits; Chadwick family photos; several group photos taken at the Bohemian Grove (San Francisco) of Chadwick with colleagues including Clarence Eddy, William McCoy, Henry Hadley, and Joe Redding; staged performance photos from Bohemian Grove; and individual portraits of several other figures such as Frederick Converse, Henry Dunham, Wallace Goodrich, William McCoy, Karl Muck, Horatio Parker and Templeton Strong. The photographs are arranged according to subject.

Series five consists primarily of Chadwick’s date-books from the years 1889-1931 and desk calendars from 1927-1931. Also included are several of Ida May’s travel diaries, an accounts ledger and an address book.

The sixth series contains over five hundred newspaper clippings, primarily reviews of Chadwick’s music, dating from the late 1880s to 1931. These articles appeared in numerous publications from Boston, Worcester, Springfield, New York, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Providence, and Chicago.  Works of Chadwick discussed in these articles include Aphrodite, Cleopatra, Jubilee, Noel, Melpomene, Judith, Lily Nymph, Phoenix Expirans, Sinfonietta, Symphony no. 3, Symphony in C, Symphonic Suite, Quartet in E minor, Tabasco, and Tam O’Shanter etc. There are two additional folders containing more recent newspaper articles concerning Chadwick, one of which includes articles about a 1977 revival of Chadwick's opera-oratorio, Judith.

Chadwick’s memoirs(diaries) and day-books make up series seven. There are approximately eighteen volumes of memoirs- some bound, and some loose – some handwritten and some typewritten.  They span the years of Chadwick’s childhood (recollections and family history) through 1930. Several of these memoirs also contain copies of letters (many written to Charlie (Saunders?) as well as clippings interspersed with the journal writing.  Most of these volumes have been microfilmed for preservation purposes. In addition there are sixteen bound daybooks spanning the years 1905-1930.  While the earlier daybooks have little writing in them, the later volumes contain a good deal of writing, making them similar to the memoirs.

Series eight consists of programs, primarily of performances that included Chadwick’s music both at and outside of NEC. Other programs are also included, specifically, BSO programs, social club events, and art exhibitions. The programs are arranged by type, and then chronologically within each type.

The writings of Chadwick – speeches, tributes, reports, and articles make up series nine. Among the NEC speeches are several annual reports, commencement addresses, addresses to the faculty, and tributes. In addition there are many speeches that Chadwick presented at various locations outside of NEC, as well as a few articles that were published or intended for publication. Similar to the programs, the Chadwick writings are arranged by type and then chronologically within each type.  Several items in this series are not dated and are grouped together at the end.

The tenth series consists of three scrapbooks, presumably assembled by Chadwick himself. The first scrapbook, spanning the years 1873-1896, includes various programs, invitations, articles, and correspondence to Chadwick. The second, consisting of approximately twenty-five pages, includes mainly newspaper clippings from the years 1884-1890, many of which discuss Chadwick’s music. The third volume in this series which dates from 1904-1906 is a combination scrapbook/memoir. It contains programs and clippings, many of which are accompanied by Chadwick’s handwritten annotations. This volume also contains some daily journal entries, mainly from January-May 1906.

Some items in the eleventh series, the miscellaneous material category includes: biographical information about Chadwick, contemporary information/criticism relating to specific Chadwick works, inventories of Chadwick’s music and his music collection, and records of Chadwick’s music royalties from several publishers.

Series twelve, a small collection of artifacts, includes: Chadwick’s wallet and its contents; a medal awarded to Chadwick by the American Academy of the Arts and letters in 1909; and a silver bowl given to Chadwick in 1914 by the NEC faculty.

The thirteenth series consists of five oversize documents. These include Chadwick's diploma from the Leipzig Conservatory (1879); two honorary doctorate diplomas from Yale University (1897) and Tufts University (1905); a diploma from the Regio Istituto Musicale di Firenze (1903 or 1904); and a certificate recognizing Chadwick as an honorary member of the Litchfield County Choral Union (1909).