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F. John Adams

  • Music Theory

F. John Adams taught at New England Conservatory from 1983 through 2007.

Laura Ahlbeck

  • Oboe

Laura Ahlbeck taught at New England Conservatory from 1993 to 2012, and was active in the College, Preparatory, and Continuing Education programs.

Marc Astafan

  • Opera Studies

Marc Astafan taught in NEC's opera studies program from 1995 to 2008.

Michèle Auclair

  • Violin

Michèle Auclair (1924–2005) taught at NEC from 1989 until just before her death.

Charlie Banacos

  • Jazz Studies

Pianist Charlie Banacos (1946–2009) taught at NEC from 1988 until just before his death from cancer on December 8, 2009.

Bernard Barbeau

  • Voice

Himself an NEC alumnus (1948, 1950 M.M.) with his studies under William L.

Ronald Barron

  • Trombone (BSO)

Ronald Barron is former principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, a position he held starting in 1975.

Frank L. Battisti

  • NEC Wind Ensemble (director emeritus
  • chair, large ensembles)
  • Wind Ensemble Conducting
  • Chair, Music Education

President Gunther Schuller brought Frank L.

Angela Myles Beeching

  • Director, Career Services Center

Angela Myles Beeching, director of the NEC Career Services Center from 1993 through 2010, has left NEC and is now working as an independent…

Arthur Berger

  • Composition

Arthur Berger (1912–2003) joined the NEC composition faculty in 1979 after his official “retirement” from teaching, and remained for two…

Donald Bravo

  • Bassoon (Preparatory and Continuing Education)

Donald Bravo taught bassoon in NEC's Preparatory and Continuing Education programs from the early 1990s through 2015.

Gretchen Breese

  • Liberal Arts

Gretchen Breese taught Liberal Arts courses at NEC from 1998 through 2013.


Robert Brink

  • Violin

Robert Brink taught at New England Conservatory from 1958 through his death in 2014.

Bob Brookmeyer

  • Jazz Studies and Improvisation
  • Founder and Director of Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra

Bob Brookmeyer taught at NEC from 1997 to 2007, and created NEC's Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra.

Tamara Brooks

  • Director of Choral Activities
  • Liberal Arts

Tamara Brooks led NEC's choruses from 1989 through 2000.

Fred Buda

  • Jazz Studies
  • Drum Set

Fred Buda is a member of and set drummer for the Boston Pops and timpanist for the Boston Ballet Orchestra.


James Buswell

  • Violin
  • Chamber Music

Violinist James Buswell taught at New England Conservatory from 1987 through 2014.

Douglas Buys

  • Music Theory
  • Piano

Douglas Buys taught music theory in NEC's College from 1995 and piano in the Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education from…

Jaki Byard

  • Afro-American Music

In 1969, Gunther Schuller hired pianist/composer/arranger Jaki Byard (1922–1999) as a charter faculty member to create NEC's jazz studies…

Luretta Bybee

  • Voice

Mezzo-soprano Luretta Bybee was a member of New England Conservatory's voice studio faculty between 2004 and 2015.

Alice Canaday

  • Piano
  • Piano Pedagogy

Alice Canaday (1921–2008) taught piano at NEC beginning in 1959, at the invitation of Preparatory School founder and then-director

Gary Chaffee

  • Jazz Studies

Jazz drummer Gary Chaffee taught at NEC from 1996 through 2009.

Sylvia Chambless

  • Co-chair, Piano (Preparatory School)

Pianist Sylvia Chambless taught at New England Conservatory's Preparatory School from the 1980s through 2013, and is former co-chair of the…


Jean Chandler

  • English As a Second Language

Jean Chandler taught English As a Second Language at NEC from 1985 through 2014.

Peter Chapman

  • Trumpet (BSO)

A BSO member since 1984, Peter Chapman was named second trumpet of the BSO and assistant principal trumpet of the Boston Pops in 1988.


Hung-Kuan Chen

  • Piano


Marylou Speaker Churchill

  • Chair, Strings (Preparatory School)
  • Violin
  • Orchestral Repertoire (BSO principal)

Marylou Speaker Churchill (1945–2009) joined the NEC Preparatory School violin faculty in 1981, and was chair of the Preparatory School…

Susan Fisher Clickner

  • Chair, Voice

Susan Fisher Clickner, one of the foremost vocal teachers in New England, taught at New England Conservatory from 1972 through 2005, and…

Vinson Cole

  • Voice

American tenor Vinson Cole taught at New England Conservatory from Fall 2006 through Spring 2010.

William Cotten

  • Voice

William Cotten, tenor, has been a soloist throughout New England, including performances with Banchetto Musicale, Boston Music Theatre…

Patricia Craig

  • Voice

Renowned American operatic soprano and voice teacher Patricia Craig taught at New England Conservatory from 1990 through her retirement at…

Robin Dash

  • Liberal Arts

Robin Dash taught in NEC's Liberal Arts department from 1988 through 2014.

Carl S. Davis

  • Preparatory School Piano

Carl S. Davis (d. 2004) died in Stuttgart, Germany, on November 10, 2004.

Sa Davis

  • Jazz Studies

Percussionist Sa Davis taught hand drumming to New England Conservatory's College, Preparatory, and Continuing Education students from 1980…

Terry Decima

  • Diction
  • Collaborative Piano
  • Repertoire
  • Vocal Coaching

Pianist Terry Decima taught at New England Conservatory from 1967 through 2013.

James Dixon

  • Director, Conservatory Symphony Orchestra and NEC Symphonic Wind Ensemble

James Dixon led NEC's orchestra and wind ensemble for 20 concerts during the 1959/1960 and 1960/1961 school years, following Richard Burgin and preceding …

Robert W. Eshbach

  • Violin

Violinist Robert W.

Betty Lou Farnham

  • Director of NEC's Wellesley Branch

Betty Lou Farnham (d. 2006), director of NEC's Wellesley Branch beginning in the early 1960s, died June 1, 2006.


Ronald Feldman

  • Orchestral Repertoire (former BSO)

Since joining the Boston Symphony Orchestra's cello section at the age of 19, Ronald Feldman has received critical acclaim for a wide…

John Felice

  • Music Theory and Theoretical Studies

Ontario native John Felice (1938–2001) joined NEC’s undergraduate music theory and graduate theoretical studies faculties after completing…

Everett "Vic" Firth

  • Percussion (BSO)

Everett "Vic" Firth '52, '92 hon.

George Garzone

  • Jazz Studies

Saxophonist George Garzone was a member of the New England Conservatory jazz faculty from 1984 to 2010, serving as a studio teacher and…

Edward Gazouleas

  • Orchestral Repertory (BSO)
  • Entrepreneurial Musicianship

Edward Gazouleas occupies the Boston Symphony Orchestra's Lois and Harlan Anderson viola chair, and has taught classes on orchestral…

William Gibson

  • Trombone (BSO principal)

William Gibson (1916–2002) was principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1955 to 1975, during which time he also served on…

Jimmy Giuffre

  • Improvisation and Jazz Studies
  • Woodwinds
  • Composition
  • Jazz Ensemble

Jimmy Giuffre (1921–2008) taught and coached jazz ensembles at NEC from 1978 through 1994, when ill health made it no longer possible for…

Victoria Glaser

  • Music Theory

Composer/arranger Victoria Glaser (1918–2008) taught theory classes at NEC beginning in the 1950s, as part of the first generation of…

Gerard Goguen

  • Trumpet (BSO)

Fresh out of high school, Gerard Goguen (1925–2002) played in military bands during WWII, then attended NEC (1951 DP) on the GI Bill.

Boris Goldovsky

  • Opera

One of the 20th century’s most influential teachers, Boris Goldovsky (1908–2001) brought a distinguished musical lineage to NEC, where he…

Ralph Gomberg

  • Oboe (BSO principal)

Ralph Gomberg (1921–2006), the Boston Symphony Orchestra's principal oboist for 37 years, died December 9, 2006.

John Greer

  • Director and Chair of Opera Studies

As Director and Chair of Opera Studies at NEC from 2003 to 2010, John Greer was responsible for more than a dozen mainstage productions at…

Greer Grimsley

  • Visiting Artist-in-Residence, Vocal Arts

American Bass-Baritone Greer Grimsley visited NEC for teaching residencies on an annual basis during the early 2010s.

Freddy Guerra

  • Popular Music

Freddy Guerra (1924–2003) was a member of NEC’s Popular Music faculty in the late 1950s.

Sofia Gurfinkel

  • Violin

Violinist Sofia Gurfinkel taught in New England Conservatory's Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education from 1991 through her…

Sean P. Hagon

  • Director of Continuing Education and Summer Session

Sean Hagon was director of NEC’s School of Continuing Education from 2009 through 2014, at which time he left to chair the Berklee College…


Anne Hallmark

  • Music History & Musicology

Anne Hallmark taught in the music history department at NEC from 1973 through her retirement in 2016, and was one of the rotating…

Evan Harlan

  • Contemporary Improvisation

Evan Harlan (accordionist, pianist, composer, and music director) was a member of the Klezmer Conservatory Band beginning in 1982, and…

Fred Hersch

  • Jazz Studies

Pianist and composer Fred Hersch taught NEC jazz students beginning in 1980 and, with intermittent breaks, through 2015.

Calvin L. Hicks

  • Liberal Arts
  • Director, Community Collaborations Program

Calvin L.

Helen Hodam

  • Voice

Helen Hodam (1914–2008) joined the New England Conservatory voice faculty for the 1978/1979 academic year, while still teaching at Oberlin…

James Hoffmann

  • Chair, Undergraduate Theory

As a member of the Music Theory faculty since 1964, and chair of the Undergraduate Theory department for 12 years, James Hoffmann (1929…

Cathleen Howard

  • Violin

Violinist Cathleen Howard was a member of the New England Conservatory Preparatory School faculty from 2001 through 2011.

Richard Hughes

  • Voice


Lee Hyla

  • Composition (chair)

Lee Hyla taught at New England Conservatory from 1992 through 2007, and was cochair or chair of the composition department for most of that…

Lynda Jacquin

  • Oboe

Oboist Lynda Jacquin taught at New England Conservatory's Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education (Extension Division) from…

Daniel Katzen

  • Horn (BSO)

At the time of his retirement from the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 2008, Daniel Katzen was second horn and had been a member since 1979.

Robert Koff

  • Violin, Chamber Music

Violinist and founding member of the Juilliard String Quartet, Robert Koff taught at NEC from 1988 through the mid-1990s.


Faina Kofman

  • Piano

Faina Kofman was a member of NEC's Preparatory School piano faculty from 1982 through 2016.

Louis Krasner

  • Violin, Chamber Music (BSO)

Louis Krasner '22 DP, '81 hon. D.M. (1904–1995) taught at NEC from 1976 through the 1995 spring semester.

Christopher Krueger

  • Historical Performance
  • Baroque Flute

Flutist Christopher Krueger taught at New England Conservatory from 1988 through 2016.

Steve Lacy

  • Jazz Studies and Improvisation

Following a very popular one-week teaching residency during the 2001/2002 school year, legendary jazz saxophonist Steve Lacy moved from…

Frances Lanier

  • NEC Preparatory School cofounder
  • Violin

Following a musical education that began in childhood with dawn ferry rides to violin lessons in the Pacific Northwest, and proceeded through a Master of…

Eugene Lehner

  • Viola, Chamber Music

Eugene Lehner (1906–1997) taught at NEC from 1960 through the 1997 spring semester.

Theodore Lettvin

  • Piano

Theodore Lettvin (1927–2003) was a member of the NEC piano faculty from 1968 to 1977.

Webster Lewis

  • Afro-American Music

Webster Lewis (1943–2002) did his undergraduate studies at Morgan State College in Baltimore, where he helped found the Iota Phi Theta…

Stephen Lord

  • Artistic Advisor, Opera Studies

Conductor Stephen Lord was Artistic Advisor to New England Conservatory's opera studies program from 2011 through 2015.

Richard Mackey

  • Horn (BSO)

After more than three decades as a member of the BSO, Richard Mackey retired from the orchestra at the end of the 2005 Tanglewood season…

Joseph Gabriel Esther Maneri

  • Music Theory
  • Composition
  • Saxophone
  • Clarinet
  • Jazz Studies

A composer and performer of microtonal music, Joseph Maneri taught at NEC from 1970 to 2007. He died on August 24, 2009, at age 82.

Sam Marcus

  • Popular Music

Saxophonist Sam Marcus (1910–2007), who taught at NEC in the 1940s, died August 23, 2007, in Winchester, Mass.

Donald Martino

  • Composition (chair)

Donald Martino (1931–2005), who headed NEC's composition department from 1969 to 1981, died December 8, 2005, of a heart attack.

Kazuko Matsusaka

  • Violin
  • Viola (BSO)

Violist Kazuko Matsusaka joined the Boston Symphony Orchestra in August 1991.

Dana Mazurkevich

  • Violin

Violinist Dana Mazurkevich taught in New England Conservatory's Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education from the 1980s…

Bruce McPherson

  • Liberal Arts (chair)

Bruce McPherson came to New England Conservatory in 1984 to chair the liberal arts department, and remained here until his retirement in 2007.

Patricia Misslin

  • Voice

Patricia Misslin was a member of the New England Conservatory voice studio faculty from 2001 through 2015.

Mac Morgan

  • Voice

Bass-baritone Mac Morgan (1917–2007), who taught at NEC in the 1960s, died June 12, 2007, in Carrollton, Ga.

John Moriarty

  • Chair, Opera
  • Collaborative Piano
  • Diction
  • Repertoire
  • Vocal Coaching

John Moriarty studied at New England Conservatory through 1952 and was an important figure in American opera thereafter.

Craig Nordstrom

  • Clarinet (BSO)

Craig Nordstrom, bass clarinetist with the BSO since 1979, taught at New England Conservatory from 1995 through 2012.

John Page

  • Resident Conductor, NEC Orchestras

John Page conducted NEC College orchestras from 2005 through 2010.

Louise Langford (Came) Pappoutsakis

  • Harp (BSO)

Louise Pappoutsakis (1914–2003) was an NEC alumna (class of 1937) who studied with Boston Symphony Orchestra principal harp Bernard Zighera…

Donnell L. Patterson

  • Chair, Gospel Music (Preparatory and Continuing Education)

Donnell LaRoque Patterson was chair of the Gospel Music department in NEC's School of Preparatory and Continuing Education during the first decade of the…

Mark Pearson

  • Chair, Voice and Vocal Pedagogy

Mark Pearson taught at NEC from 1965 through his retirement in 2009.


Ann Hobson Pilot

  • Harp (BSO)

Ann Hobson Pilot was the principal harpist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops through her retirement from the BSO in 2009…

Daniel Pinkham

  • Chair, Early Music
  • Composition, Harpsichord, Music History and Musicology, Music Theory
  • Director, NEC Collegium Musicum

Daniel Pinkham (1923–2006) taught at NEC from 1959 up until his death in December 2006.

Herb Pomeroy

  • Ensemble Coach, Jazz Studies

Herb Pomeroy (1930–2007) coached jazz ensembles at NEC from 2002 through 2007.

Frederik Prausnitz

  • Director, NEC Orchestra

Born in Germany, Frederik Prausnitz (1920–2004) was sent by his parents to Philadelphia in the 1930s during the rise of Nazism.

Danilo Pérez

  • Jazz Studies

Panamanian pianist Danilo Pérez taught studio and coached ensembles in NEC's jazz department from 1995 through 2009.

Wayne Rapier

  • Oboe (BSO)

Wayne Rapier (1930–2005), oboist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1970 through 1995 and a member of the NEC faculty from 1972 until…

Barbara Reutlinger

  • Faculty Emerita, Liberal Arts

B.A., Boston University; A.M., Harvard University. Attended Teacher’s College, Hofheim im Taunus (Germany); University of Frankfurt (Germany).

Carol Rodland

  • Viola

Carol Rodland joined the New England Conservatory viola faculty in 2002 and remained at NEC through 2008.

Gillian Rogell

  • Viola
  • Chamber Music

Violist Gillian Rogell was a member of the viola and chamber music faculties of New England Conservatory's Preparatory School from 1977…

Allen Rogers

  • Vocal Accompaniment, Vocal Repertoire

Allen Rogers was a member of NEC’s repertoire coaching and vocal accompaniment faculty from 1969 to 1974.

James Romeo

  • Preparatory School Theory and Composition, Chair

James Romeo (1955–2002), chair of theory and composition for NEC’s Preparatory School during the 1980s, died of Lou Gehrig’s disease in…

George Russell

  • Jazz Studies

George Russell (1923–2009) was one of the charter faculty who led the NEC jazz studies program, beginning in 1969 and beyond his official…

David Samour

  • Director, Junior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble

David Samour was director of the Junior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble at NEC's Preparatory School from 1985 through his retirement in…

Howard Schott

  • Music History

Howard Schott taught at NEC from 1989 through the mid-1990s.

Fenwick Smith

  • Flute (BSO)

Fenwick Smith, second flutist of the BSO from 1978 to 2006, spent five of those years as acting assistant principal flute.

Gregory E. Smith

  • Music History & Musicology

Gregory E. Smith, a member of the New England Conservatory faculty since 1978, retired from the College faculty at the end of the 2014/2015…

Mark St. Laurent

  • Chair, Voice & Vocal Pedagogy

Bass-baritone Mark St.

Oscar Stagnaro

  • Jazz Studies
  • Coach, Latin Ensemble

Jazz bassist Oscar Stagnaro taught at New England Conservatory from 2000 to 2013.


Helen Stevenson

  • Preparatory School Bass Studio
  • Bass Ensemble
  • Director, Bassketeers

Helen Stevenson taught in the NEC Preparatory School from 1988 through her retirement in 2011.

Robert Paul Sullivan

  • Guitar
  • Chamber Music

Guitarist Robert Paul Sullivan taught College, Preparatory, and Continuing Education students at New England Conservatory from 1973 through…

Lisa Suslowicz

  • Viola

Lisa Suslowicz was a member of the viola faculty at New England Conservatory's Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education from…

Julia Sutton

  • Chair, Music History and Musicology
  • Historical Performance
  • Dance

Music and dance scholar Julia Sutton (1928–2012) was editor and translator of Fabritio Caroso's Nobiltà di Dame (Oxford) and…

Roger Tapping

  • Viola

Violist Roger Tapping taught at NEC from 2008 to 2016.

Donald Teeters

  • Musicology

Donald Teeters has been music director and conductor of the Boston Cecilia since 1968.

Alys Terrien-Queen

  • Piano

From 1981 to 2009, Alys Terrien-Queen taught piano and piano ensemble in NEC's Preparatory School, School of Continuing Education, and…

Walter Trampler

  • Viola, Chamber Music (BSO)

Walter Trampler (1915–1997) taught at NEC from 1982 through the 1997 spring semester.

Masuko Ushioda

  • Violin

Masuko Ushioda taught New England Conservatory's College and Preparatory School violin students beginning in 1974, and until her death in…

Irma Vallecillo

  • Chair, Collaborative Piano, Chamber Music
  • Associate Provost
  • Chair, Doctor of Musical Arts committee
  • Director, Artist Diploma program

Pianist Irma Vallecillo taught at NEC from 1993 through 2009.

Roger Louis Voisin

  • Chair, Brass and Percussion
  • Trumpet (BSO principal)

Roger Voisin (1918–2008) taught at New England Conservatory for nearly 30 years, and for 21 of those years served as chair of brass and…

Jay Wadenpfuhl

  • Horn (BSO)

Jay Wadenpfuhl joined the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1981, and occupied the John P. II and Nancy S. Eustis chair.

Patricia-Maria Weinmann

  • Opera Studies

From 1993 through 2012, Patricia-Maria Weinmann was a member of the New England Conservatory opera coaching faculty, directed scenes programs and…

Dean Boring Wilder

  • Voice

Born Dean Boring (1938–2002), the tenor took Wilder as a stage name.

William Wrzesien

  • Clarinet (woodwinds chair)
  • Chamber Music

William Wrzesien taught at New England Conservatory from 1966, when he completed NEC's Artist Diploma, through 2007.

Douglas Yeo

  • Trombone (BSO)

Bass trombonist Douglas Yeo taught at New England Conservatory for the entire duration of his employment with the Boston Symphony Orchestra…

Anna Yona

  • Italian

Anna Yona (1908–2006), who taught Italian at NEC from 1964 to 1992, died October 9, 2006.

Edward Zambara

  • Voice

Bass-baritone Edward Zambara '50, '52 M.M.

Benjamin Zander

  • Chamber Music, Interpretation class
  • Orchestra
  • Director, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Artistic Director, NEC at Walnut Hill

Benjamin Zander, Faculty Emeritus of the New England Conservatory College and Preparatory School, taught at New England Conservatory from…

Patricia Zander

  • Piano
  • Chamber Music

Pianist Patricia Zander (1942–2008) died on July 22, 2008, after a long battle with cancer, through which she had continued to teach.

Gerald Zaritzky

  • Music Theory

Gerald Zaritzky taught at New England Conservatory from 1968 through his retirement in 2016.