This collection consists primarily of photographs of Faye Friedman and other students during their time at NEC. Also included are a few photographs from Friedman’s high school days, and also from her summer at Tanglewood. Of particular interest are several photographs of John Moriarty, long-time NEC faculty member, during his student days at NEC. There are also a few telegrams and postcards.

Container list

Envelope 1 – Photographs, 2 ¾ x 3 ¾ and smaller

Subjects include: Faye Friedman, John Moriarty, Judy Mitchell, Richard Summers, Donald Emerson, Pearl Friedman, Russell Stanger, Eileen Shanin?, Norman LeBlanc, Gene LaCritz, Eileen Dusio, Phyllis Juster, Francesca Consoli, Jean Ellerson Drabnik, Arthur Goldstein, Harry Folmer, Norman Magnan

Envelope 2 – Photographs, 3 ½ x 3 ½

Subjects include: Faye Friedman, Jose Marin, Eleanor Hartnett?, Russell Stanger, John Moriarty, Walter Field, Phyllis Juster, Reginald Hachey, Cynthia Brown, Donald Emerson, Donald Patterson?, Alfred Lee, Lorne Ford, Marion Pincu, Keith Sherborn, Leroy Parkins, Midhat Serbagi, Doris LeBlanc, Emmalina DeVita,

Envelope 3 – Photographs, 3 ½ x 4 ¼, 3 x 4 ¼

Subjects include: Faye Friedman, Eileen Dusio, Judy Mitchell, John Moriarty, Dick (Richard) Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Friedman(Faye’s recital), Eileen Shanin?

Envelope 4 – Photographs, 3 ¼ x 4 ½

Subjects include: Judy Mitchell, Dick(Richard) Summers, John Moriarty, Faye Friedman

Envelope 5 – Photographs, 3 ½ x 5

Subjects include: Faye Friedman, Eileen Dusio, John Moriarty, Russell Stanger, Mr. and Mrs. Friedman (Faye’s recital), Lee Munger, Dick (Richard) Summers, Norman LeBlanc, Judy Mitchell, Abby Mayer, Robert Garneau, Bernard Mueller, Kappa Gamma Psi pledges, Eileen Shanin?

Envelope 6 – Photographs, 5 x 7

Subjects include: Faye Friedman, Dana Lordly, Christmas party, Jack Mitler, Marion Pincu, Dean Malcolm Holmes, John Moriarty (Faye’s recital), Richard Riddell?, Arthur E. Goldstein, Edward Lowe? Norman Magnan, Paul Meyerson

Envelope 7 – Photographs, Small albums

Subjects include: Ruth Bolton Nasan, artist (Peterborough, NH), High School senior pictures…members of the cast of Bells are Ringing, Barry Siegel, Blaine”Carl” Zanat, Faye Friedman, Roy McArthur, Group photo (Russell Stanger, John Moriarty, Vernon Wilson, Mary Costa, David Epstein, Bernard Mueller, Francesca Consoli, Jose Marin, Ma Si Hon

Envelope 8 - Photo negatives

Folder 1 – Photographs, 8 x 10

Subjects include: Russell Stanger, Leonard Bernstein, Serge Koussevitzky, Lukas Foss, Dorm formal (1949), Faye Friedman, Big Four Dance,  Norman Magnan, Kappa Gamma Psi (Fall 1948)- with members identified, John Moriarty

Folder 2 – Telegrams, Postcards, etc.

Includes congratulatory telegrams to Faye Friedman on the occasion of her recital; Friedman’s recital invitation; and postcards of Tanglewood, Eleazar de Carvalho and Serge Koussevitzky