Series 1: Correspondence

Folder 1

  • Letter. [Undated] Eben Tourjée to Emma J. Webber. Invitation to his home. [Auburndale?]
  • Letter. February 15, 1870, Eben Tourjée, Boston, to Miss Hawes, Oliver Ditson and Co., re: Concert at the Mission
  • Letter. February 6, 1873, Eben Tourjée, Boston, to Ella A. Mulliken, Rumney, NH
  • Letter. June 27, 1879, Eben Tourjée, Boston, to Jennie Congdon, Conwayboro, SC. Tourjee compliments her work as his pupil. Postmarked “Auburndale, MA”.
  • Letter. November 25, 1885, Eben Tourjée to Messrs Ivers and Pond regarding the quality of their instruments
  • Letter. February 5, 1889, Eben Tourjée to Dean Huntington, Boston University. Student recommendation
  • Letter. October 16, 188?, Eben Tourjée to Miss Mary Evans, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, a prospective student, about advantages of enrolling at NEC. Accompanied by gift letter

Series 2: Memorial programs/tributes

Folder 2

  • Program. [April 14?, 1891]. In Memoriam Eben Tourjée. Funeral services. Addresses by Rev. W. A. Brodbeck and Rev. W. R. Clark
  • Program. April 12, 1892. NEC concert held in Sleeper Hall in memory of Dr. Eben Tourjée
  • Program. June 1, 1892. Anniversary Exercises in honor of the birthday of Dr. Eben Tourjée. Alumni Association of NEC and BU College of Music
  • A Hymn of Homage by Louis C. Elson. Song text performed at the unveiling of the bust of Dr. Eben Tourjée on June 26, 1885 at NEC. See also photographs/memorabilia folder
  • Dennée (Charles) on Tourjée. Centennial of Tourjée’s birth? [1934?] (2 copies)

Series 3: European Excursion Materials

Folder 3

  • Circular. Reunion, tourists of 1878, 1879, and 1880.[1881?](2 copies).
  • Newsletter. The Tourjée Tourist. v. 2 no.1, April 1881. Boston, MA
  • Pamphlet, "Prospectus for tour of Europe in 1881", Printed 1880? p.13-26
  • Prospectus. "Tourjée’s Educational Excursions to Europe" [for 1884, printed 1883?]
  • "Song of the Tourists" by A. Tourist (probably Tourjée). Boston: New England Conservatory Music Store, c1884.

Series 4: Journal articles/Book Excerpts

Folder 4: Articles about Tourjée (NEC publications)

  • New England Conservatory Review. v. 3/2, June 1913. This issue contains “A Life Sketch of Eben Tourjée” by Elizabeth Samuel, based on notes from Eben Tourjée’s daughters, Clara Tourjée-Nelson (NEC Class of 1884) and Lizzie Tourjée-Estabrook(NEC Class of 1876)
  • New England Conservatory Bulletin. v.16/3, April 1934, p. 6-7. Tourjée Centenary announcement
  • New England Conservatory Bulletin. v.16/5, June 1934. p.1-2. Tourjée Centennial observance
  • New England Conservatory Bulletin. v.16/6, July 1934. p. 5-8. Tourjée Centennial Observance
  • New England Conservatory Bulletin. v. 16/7, August 1934. re: the Tourjée Celebration)
  • New England Conservatory Bulletin, v. 19/2, April 1942. 75th Anniversary of the founding of NEC

Folder 5: Journal articles/Book Excerpts (other)

  • “Edward Ball and Some of his Descendants”. Compiled by Nicholas Ball (Nicholas was the brother of Eben Tourjée’s mother, Angeline). Newport, RI: Mercury Print, 1891.
  • "The American Evangelists Dwight L. Moody and Ira D. Sankey with an account of their work in England and America and a sketch of the lives of P. P. Bliss and Dr. Eben Tourjée" by Rev. Elias Nason. Boston: D. Lothrop & Co. Publishers, 1877.
  • Catalogue and circular of the Musical Institute, Providence, R. I., for the spring and summer terms of 1865. Providence: Pierce and Budlong Printers, 1865.
  • "God's Apostle of Music: Dr. Eben Tourjée, Musical Pioneer" by Leo Eben Tourjee. The Etude. April 1947. pp. 187, 194.
  • Excerpt from History of Fall River, with notices of Freetown and Tiverton as published in 1841 by Rev. Orin Fowler, A. M....Fall River, MA: Almy & Milne Printers, 1862. p. 94-95.
  • Excerpt from The Fall River Directory by George Adams. Fall River, MA: Robert Adams, 1855. pp 134-135, 146-147.
  • Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. No. CCCV, October 1875. Vol. LI, pp. 743-744.
  • Fitzpatrick, Edward J. "Eben Tourjee's Rhode Island Roots" in Rhode Island History, v. 36 no. 3 (August 1977). Providence: Rhode Island Historical Society. pp. 81-91.
  • "Tourjee and the Conservatories"  Information taken from Providence Journal, 1934.
  • "Ancestors of Eben Tourjee," Genealogical Review.
  • Map of West Warwick, RI (originally Warwick, RI). Tourjee lived in Phenix Village.
  • Descriptive donation letter accompanying the previous four bulleted items.
  • Boston University, Alumni Magazine, October 1928.
  • Boston University, Alumni Magazine, Vol. II no. 9, February 1929.

Series 5: Newspaper Clippings

Folder 6

  • A series of articles about Tourjée that appeared in the Lowell Courier-Citizen from May 21, 1934 – June 20, 1934. There are duplicate copies.
  • Excerpt from The Keynote, v. 1 no. 5, April 1855. Fall River, MA. (published about the 10th of every month by Eben Tourjee)
  • Downie, Robert M., "Block Island's Lost Veterans of the Civil War," Block Island Summer Times (July 2010), pp. 31-32. Includes donation letter.

Folder 7

  • Obituaries, biographical articles (some articles from Boston Globe online archive)

Series 6: Photographs/memorabilia

Folder 8

  • Ambrotype photograph of the Tourjée siblings, c.1854. [From left to right: Mary, Celinda, Eben (at age 20), Jeremiah Hayden, and Charity]. Reproduction with accompanying materials kept with collection. Original kept in secure location.
  • Family record of Ebenezer Tourjée (a listing of members of the Tourjée family with birth and death dates)

Folder 9:

  • Two teaching receipts
  • Two small photo clippings of Tourjée
  • Two photos of the Tourjée bust – one 8 x10, the other approx 8 ½ x 11
  • Photograph of a National Peace Jubilee Chorus ticket (June 1869) and a Chorus membership certificate
  • National Musical Congress, Brochure, Boston, 1869

Box 2

Series 7: Rhode Island Hall of Fame materials

Folder 1

  • Contains certificate, description from NEC Update, newspaper article, and photograph

Series 8: Artifacts

  • Paper weight from Rhode Island Hall of Fame
  • Small attache case with Tourjee's name engraved