The Clement Lenom Collection is organized into the following eight series:

1.    News Articles
2.    Programs
3.    The Longy Club
4.    Photographs
5.    Miscellaneous
6.    Correspondence
7.    Printed music
8.    Manuscript music

The News Articles folder spans the years 1913-1957.  They highlight Lenom’s career as a musician and NEC instructor.  Also included are two obituaries from the Boston Herald and the NEC alumni newsletter.

The Programs folder spans the years 1895-1940.  It contains an incomplete collection of musical programs from orchestras where Lenom was the conductor.  Also included is a program from the 1935 Symphony Hall Pops Golden Jubilee.  Lenom was one of several guest conductors honored at the performance.

The Longy Club folder spans the years 1901-1925.  It contains several programs of Longy Club performances where Lenom played either oboe or English horn.  Also included is a xeroxed copy of a book chapter describing the history of the Longy Club, its members, and its importance to Boston music.  The chapter is believed to come from the book The Longy Club: A Professional Wind Ensemble in Boston- by David Whitwell.

The Photographs folder includes four photographs, all identified by donor Cheryl Bishkoff.  They include a photo of Lenom and his first wife Matilde; a photo of a bust of Lenom by Bruce Wilder Saville; a photo of the portrait of Lenom done by artist Thomas Hart Benton; and a photo of artist Thomas Hart Benton in front of his portrait of Lenom.

The Miscellaneous folder includes such items as a newspaper cartoon of Lenom leaving Europe for America and a biography of artist Bruce Wilder Saville, who created the bust of Lenom. 

The Correspondence folder spans the years 1992-2009.  It is a collection of letters on the creation of the Clement Lenom Collection, including letters from Stevens Hewitt on his decision to donate the materials to begin the collection and letters from NEC library director Jean Morrow to Mrs Lenom and Ms Bishkoff thanking them for their contributions to the collection. They mention specific donated items, and include an itemized list of the categories of contents donated by Mrs Lenom. 

The Printed Music folder spans the years 1888-1960.  It includes: orchestral parts for Basse-cour (1899); Basse-cour (1899) for piano; Berceuse (1903) for oboe and piano (1 c.); Canzonetta (1895) for oboe/violin and piano; Danse la vallée (1888) for piano (3 c.); Douce missive (1895) for piano (5 c.); Lullaby (1960) for solo oboe/flute with piano (2 c.), for solo Bb clarinet/bass clarinet/Bb saxophone with piano (2 c.), for solo Eb alto saxophone with piano (2 c.), for solo bassoon with piano (2 c.); Mazurka des Dindons (1896) for piano (7 c.); Melodie  (1892-93) for oboe (1 c.); Musette (1895) for oboe and piano (5 c.); Musette (1914) for oboe and piano (5 c.); Tarentelle (1889) for piano (2 c.).

The Manuscript Music folder consists of music in the hand of Lenom. Most is unidentified.

*For other individual music manuscripts by Lenom, search our online catalog.