Box 1

Scrapbook 1 – This scrapbook spans the years 1915-1950. It covers Carl McKinley’s early career as an organist, accompanist and composer beginning with articles about McKinley’s performances at the Knox Conservatory in Illinois and in his hometown of Rockville, CT.These are followed by articles about McKinley during his tenure as organist at Center Church in Hartford, CT., accompanist for the Hartford Choral Club, and organist for the Strand Theater in Hartford.  Also included are articles pertaining to McKinley’s second place prize in the Flagler Competition. The remainder of the scrapbook is weighed heavily towards McKinley’s career as a composer. Included are articles referencing McKinley’s compositions, The Blue Flower, Masquerade, and Seascapes, and his string quartet, in performances by the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony, the Detroit Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the New England Conservatory Orchestra, and the Boston String Quartet.  Other topics covered in this scrapbook include the Guggenheim fellowship awarded to McKinley, as well as McKinley’s participation in the American Musical Festival at Bad Homburg and the Yaddo Music Festival.

Scrapbook 2 – This scrapbook covers the years 1930-1960.  Primarily this contains articles about organ recitals given by McKinley, as well as performances at Old South Church, where McKinley was serving as organist and choirmaster. This scrapbook also contains many advertisements announcing various performances at Old South Church.

Box 2

Typescripts of Parts II and IV of A New Course in Harmony by Carl McKinley and Warren Storey Smith

Folder 1- NEC Concert programs, 1948-1957

Folder 2 – Concert programs, other – four programs from the years 1919, 1947, 1951, and 1953

Folder 3- Newspaper articles pertaining to McKinley’s cantata, The Kid, which was premiered in 1955.

*Note: Music manuscripts and published music by Carl McKinley can be found by doing an author search for 'McKinley, Carl'  in our online catalog.