NEC students come from all over the world and nearly all the 50 states to study music in a one of a kind environment. Meet some of the students who make NEC the vibrant community that it is.

Arielle ArmstrongArielle Armstrong
Vocal Performance '14 B.M.

 "There's a huge gap between when I arrived as a freshman and where I am now. I feel settled."



Taylor BlantonTaylor Blanton
Trombone Performance '16 B.M.

 "There's not one type of student that fits in at NEC. If you love music, and you know what you want to do for the rest of your life NEC is the right place for you."


Yandi ChenYandi Chen
Piano Performance '16 B.M.

 "Boston has a beautiful cityscape. Sometimes I just go around the city photographing buildings and landscapes."



Christina DioguardiChristina Dioguardi
Bassoon Performance '14 B.M.

 "The people who thrive are those split time between having fun and working hard."



Dylan EvansDylan Evans
Vocal Performance '16 B.M.

 "There's not a day that I walk down St. Botolph street and don't pass by someone that I know, or who knows me. It's comforting to know you have friends here."



Krish JaimanKrish Jaiman
Composition '15 B.M.

 "Everyone is extremely passionate about the artform."



Bryce LeafmanBryce Leafman
Percussion Performance '16 B.M.

 "Symphony Hall is across the street and we can go to concerts every week. You get to see your teachers perform. You can see them demonstrate things they taught in lessons."



Katherine LemmonKatherine Lemmon
Flute Performance '14 M.M.

 "I came out of my shell and became a better flute player."



Dylan McKinstryDylan McKinstry
Contemporary Improvisation '16 B.M.

 "Immediately I came into the CI department and was asked to throw everything I knew to the wind. I learned that you have to try everything."



Elizabeth O'NeilElizabeth O’Neil
Oboe Performance '14 B.M.

 "My teacher, Mr. Ferillo, is hilarious. He's so many things to us; our studio is like a family. He really creates that atmosphere. A great teacher who commits himself to us."



Andres Pichardo-RosenthalAndres Pichardo-Rosenthal
Percussion Performance '16 G.D.

 "To thrive in the community you should be driven, serious and invest a lot of time."



Carl PillotCarl Pillot
Jazz Performance '14 M.M.

 "Everyone has their own musical niche and that's supported here."



Rebecca SullivanRebecca Sullivan
Contemporary Improvisation '14 M.M.

 "I've been studying with Ran Blake. He's a legend... I just go to his house to take lessons and we play music together."



Riley VogelRiley Vogel
Vocal Performance '15 B.M.

 "NEC is very tight knit. Everyone knows everyone else. You're surrounded by so many professionals it's humbling."



Kiyoe WellingtonKiyoe Wellington
Double Bass Performance '14 B.M.

 "When I got here I was blown out of the water. NEC's culture is open and flexible. If you want to do something, you can do it."