We did it!

With gifts from 121 members of the Class of 2015, we reached a record-breaking 50% participation, doubling last year's percentage and setting the bar high for next year's graduating class!

Thank you to everyone who made this achievement possible - the success is all yours! Together with the challenge gifts, we raised $7,096.94 for scholarships, student recitals, and faculty support!

Best wishes in life after commencement, and congratulations!

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Meet the Committee

Alex Gilliam, co-chair
B.M. in Voice

Why is giving back to NEC important to you? I have grown immensely as a person and as a musician during my time here, and it is important to me that future generations of NEC students are able to find the same safe haven that I have found here.

Emily Jackson, co-chair

M.M. in Violin Performance

What will you miss most about NEC? I will miss the phenomenal faculty, the warm, talented musicians, the beautiful Jordan Hall, and living in a city that is so supportive of the arts.

Lisa Fujita
B.M. in Violin Performance

Favorite NEC memory? My freshman year was probably most memorable - I have a fun memory of me and my two best friends using the cold February weather as our refrigerator to harden our chocolate truffles by sitting outside Jordan Hall bundled up in blankets. I also enjoyed the floor wars!

Anne Hruskoci
B.M. in Classical Voice

What will you miss most about NEC? I will miss the exceptional teachers, as well as all the free concerts of a variety of genres we are able to attend.

Eddie Kass
M.M. in Double Bass Performance

Favorite NEC memory? Watching the Borromeo Quartet and Larry Lesser play Schubert Cello Quintet on a First Monday concert.

Kristo Kondakci
M.M. in Wind Conducting

Why is giving back to NEC important to you? It is important to maintain our institution at its highest level, so that we can preserve NEC's amazing legacy among the generations of the future. The philosophies of Gunther Schuller, John Heiss, and James Klein have profoundly impacted the way I view music, the world, and myself. #ourNEC

Stephanie Muñoz
M.M. in Classical Saxophone

Why is giving back to NEC important to you? Every student should realize that our scholarships are comprised of funds from alumni and other donors who have decided to give back to NEC. It is because of their generosity that we have all been so fortunate to experience the magic of NEC. I want to give back so the next generation of musicians can have the opportunity to make their dreams come true just like I did.