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New Boston – Chapter 2

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:56
by NATALIE ALPER-LEROUX Third-year BM Viola     The following is the second chapter of a serialized story. Check out Chapter 1 here! Chapter 2: South Station Halfway through the ride to South Station, Caela suddenly stopped crying. It wasn’t the stares of the passengers around her, first sympathetic and pitying, then impatient and condescending, as the minutes […]

International Recipes

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:55
In honor of our NEC’s We Are The World event, we’re serving up some internationally flavored recipes for you this month. Both Elizabeth and Frankie incorporate some of their family history into each recipe. Remember also that on April 21st, you’ll have a chance to share a recipe of your own from your heritage at […]

A New Commission

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:53
by MARIEL AUSTIN Second-year MM Jazz Comp.     Mariel was recently awarded as one of three winners of the New York Youth Symphony’s ‘First Music Commissions’ program. Her work will be performed by the NYYS Jazz Band a Jazz at Lincoln Center on Monday, March 14, 2016. Below, Mariel tells us a bit about what […]

Maya Jacobs

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:52
by ANDREW NISSEN Second-year GD Trombone     1. How long have you been working with the SAC? This is my 4th year as the Coordinator of the Student Activities Center. I was working in the SAC prior to that as an Activities Assistant and Graduate Assistant. 2. What brought you to working there? When […]

Singing In Tongues

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:51
by ELIZABETH WENDT Third-year BM Voice     One of the biggest perks of being a classical singer is getting to study and sing in a wide array of languages. The three main foreign languages that singers experience are French, German, and Italian, but there are so many more to explore like Russian and – my […]

Boxing In The Concert Hall

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:50
by ALEX STENING First-year MM French Horn     On May 2nd 2015, Floyd Mayweather Jr, will fight Manny Pacquiao in what will be the highest grossing boxing fight in history. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is an undefeated five-division world champion American boxer who is the world’s highest paid athlete. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is an eight-division world champion […]

Taking Care

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:48
by SARAH ATWOOD First-year MM Violin     ’Tis the season for auditions and recitals. Spring is a very busy time of year playing-wise, and practicing seems to reach an all-time high. There’s pressure to prepare and memorize lots of pieces, for recitals and promotionals alike. Worries about the outcome of school auditions, summer auditions, and job […]

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Tue, 2015-04-14 00:44
by FRANKIE YU Second-year MM Trombone     I read once that whenever you are super stressed out or overwhelmed, or you feel like everything in life is just so wrong, you should smile. Smile, and you will feel better. Honestly, I thought it was kind of dumb, but I’ll try anything once. You know that feeling […]

New Boston

Sat, 2015-03-14 00:23
by NATALIE ALPER-LEROUX Third-year BM Viola     Chapter 1: Forest Hills             “Got everything?” Caela turned back to scour the empty living room for any straggling possessions. She nodded. “Yep, I’m good.” Her older sister Shannon smiled gently back at her. “Then we’re off…” As they crossed the threshold of […]

Spring Clean Your Body

Sat, 2015-03-14 00:14
by ANDREW NISSEN Second-year GD Trombone     If you’re anything like me, your diet the last few months – influenced by the frantic nature of school coupled with the stultifying cold – has been increasingly filled with lucious carbs, voluptuous fats, and temptingly salty and sweet things. With that in mind, the onset of […]


Sat, 2015-03-14 00:10
by SARAH ATWOOD First-year MM Violin     Phoenix is a brand new ensemble founded by, and made up of, current and past NEC students. Matt, the director, gave us some time to answer a few questions before their March 24 launch event. What is Phoenix Orchestra, and what do they do? Phoenix is a new orchestra […]

Deepti Navaratna

Fri, 2015-03-13 23:57
by ANDREW NISSEN Second-year GD Trombone     NEC presents to us people with such monumental and diverse talents every single day, that it can be a bit mind-numbing when we take a step back and contemplate the impact we can make beyond its hallowed halls. When we do, however, it’s a rewarding insight into […]

Spending Spring Break In The Bean

Fri, 2015-03-13 23:44
by ELIZABETH WENDT Third-year BM Voice     It seems that spring may finally be upon us. Maybe. Probably not, but I’m hopeful! The sun has been out these past few days which has led to warmer weather (30° is seriously starting to feel like flip-flops and shorts weather) and fewer layers, and the mountainous snow […]

the door opens

Sun, 2015-02-01 16:00
by NATALIE ALPER-LEROUX Third-year BM Viola     hallway, whitewashed clean; lightbulbs flicker, hang from wires, buzz like softest bees walking heavy, dry ashy steps in chalky dust past framed blank portraits paint peels off doorposts slivers of brown cut my eyes; every door is locked my skin bleeds out red my clothes bleed out blue, […]


Sun, 2015-02-01 15:56
by ELIZABETH WENDT Third-year BM Voice     I know for a fact that when I say the beginning, middle, and end of a second semester at NEC is always crazy busy, I’m not just speaking for myself! I can honestly say that when I have days of back to back classes paired with early morning […]


Sun, 2015-02-01 15:38


Sun, 2015-02-01 15:33
by NICK TISHERMAN Third-year BM Oboe     At 8:15 on January 18th, 2015, an orchestra of eager students and studs from the freelance scene was growing increasingly impatient as they sat in their seats awaiting the downbeat from conductor James Blachly, whose back was turned to an audience mostly comprised of twenty-somethings stuffed on a […]


Sun, 2015-02-01 15:29
by ANDREW NISSEN Second-year GD Trombone     I first encountered Rob Dehlinger on Twitter in August of 2014, when he tweeted at The Penguin’s account about the long lost, but not forgotten hockey games between Juilliard and NEC in the late 80s (incidentally where the nickname Penguins comes from!). An NEC alumnus, Rob seems […]