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'To Be or Not to Be, I There's the Point.' Or Conversations Overheard!!

Sat, 2016-05-14 10:37
Do you ever do that? Deliberately put yourself in line of hearing other people's conversations? My wife and I are terrible offenders, if indeed it is an offense. We know intuitively when there is a situation, a possibility, to observe and hear life and people unedited, which can yield such fascinating results. Tony Woodcock

The Land of the Brave

Tue, 2016-05-03 11:33
With all the talk swirling around about immigration, building walls and expelling millions of people from the US, I thought I should tell my story about becoming an American citizen. It's a story of romance, passion, and great expectation and how this all crashed upon the rocks of government bureaucracy only to succeed wonderfully in the end as a manifestation of what makes the country great. Tony Woodcock

Nexus -- Part II

Mon, 2016-03-28 13:55
In Pt. I, I described what I believe is the new paradigm for the teaching of music in Higher Education represented by... Tony Woodcock

Nexus -- Part I

Wed, 2016-03-23 13:36
I was recently on the west coast for a few days visiting the University of Southern California and the weather really... Tony Woodcock

When the Children Have Grown

Fri, 2016-03-04 18:12
In the new year of 2015, I was excited by the idea of welcoming Paloma O'Shea to New England Conservatory of Music as part of a short US tour she was undertaking with her colleagues from Madrid. Tony Woodcock

How to Change the World

Fri, 2016-02-19 16:58
Do you remember that time in your youth when you talked about changing the world? It seemed as though that was our one and... Tony Woodcock

The Violinist: A Tale for Valentine's Day

Mon, 2016-02-08 18:43
It was dreadful. Just awful. But we had to walk that way to get to the best shops. Massimo Dutti, Boss, Armani and there was a deli... Tony Woodcock